Kit Harington sobs as he realizes Jon Snow will murder Daenerys in the controversial 'Game of Thrones' finale

Kit Harington sobs as he realizes Jon Snow will murder Daenerys in the controversial 'Game of Thrones' finale

The Game of Thrones finale was unquestionably one of the most highly anticipated pieces of TV in history.

While there's no doubt that producers had their work cut out in wrapping up a complicated storyline that spanned eight seasons, for the majority of fans, the final season can be summed up in one word: disappointing.

This is how Kit Harington reacted to learning that Jon Snow will murder Daenerys: 

Because of the nature of the show, a happy ending was never expected per se, but battle scenes to rival those in the 'Battle of the B***rds' were, and many were let down not only by the lighting of the 'The Long Night' but the fact that the Night King's demise took just one episode.

Then there was the characterization. After seemingly choosing the side of good, Jaime Lannister returned to King's Landing, prompting many fans to wonder why he fought in the Battle of Winterfell at all; then there was Jon Snow, whose love of Daenerys inspired him to make some very questionable decisions.

As for Daenerys herself? Yeah, I'm not getting into the development (or lack thereof) of her character.

However, the one thing which was clear by the time of the final episode was this: Daenerys had to die - and Jon did the right thing by killing her when he had the chance.

Relive the Daenerys heartbreaking death in the video below: 

Now, a new documentary, 'The Last Watch', has shed light on how Kit Harington felt about this heartbreaking end to him and the Mother of Dagon's love story.

The documentary features a cast read-through of the script. While the actors did have access to it prior to the reading, Harington did not read the script until then so that he could have a genuine emotional reaction.

And when he discovers that Jon kills Daenerys, he covers his mouth and sobs.

Kit Harington covering his mouth. Credit: HBO

Needless to say, it's clear from Emilia Clarke's reaction that she read the script prior to the readthrough.

Now, the clip has been used by fans as further proof that this season did not live up to expectations, with some saying that Harington showed more emotion in the readthrough than in the scene itself:

"The table read was more emotional than the death scene itself. How on earth they could f**k that up so badly?" one angry fan wrote on a post on Reddit.

Emilia Clarke with her mouth open. Credit: YouTube

Others interpreted the 32-year-old actor's tears not as a sign of emotion about Daenerys' fate, but disappointment in the script itself:

"He doesn't even realize they were acting that way because they knew it was absolute crap and [comes] out of nowhere. Seriously what hacks," one fan speculated.

But if nothing else, Jon and Ghost were reunited in the last episode: 

"I would cry too... I bet that he was thinking... oh my God, this is so stupid but I can't say anything because I'll get fired... so stupid," added another.

However, while Harington's performance in Daenerys' death scene was criticized by some fans, Clarke's was received more favorably.

"The fact that she still gave a brilliant performance even with this bulls**t script is a testament to her abilities. She deserves all the awards," remarked one viewer.