Levis has teamed up with 'Stranger Things' for a 1985-inspired range

Levis has teamed up with 'Stranger Things' for a 1985-inspired range

Fans of the hit throwback drama Stranger Things are on tenterhooks to catch the third season of the Netflix show. The last instalment ended on an upbeat note, with the monstrous Demodogs from the Upside-Down vanquished, and the teen characters enjoying their prom together.

However, at the last moment, we were treated to an ominous glimpse of a terrifying creature from the other dimension, which looks like it will attempt to break into our world in season 3.

Check out the first trailer for season three of Stranger Things here: 

One of the biggest aspects of Stranger Things' charm is that vintage 80s fashion that the lead characters sport. Indeed, designer labels have taken a keen interest in the retro look, and now it seems as though Levi's jeans (a staple of many a John Hughes movie, by the way) has teamed up with Netflix to launch their own awesome selection of Stranger Things themed clothing.

In an awesome homage to everything that was great about 1985 (the year season three is due to be set in) the clothes are adorned with graphics taken from the show, featuring captions motifs such as the tagline "One summer can change everything"  and "Camp Know Where."

Check out the final trailer for season three of Stranger Things below: 

Stranger Things fans will now be able to purchase a signature collegiate-inspired jumper, branded with the Stranger Things logo on the front, as well as a pair of jeans featuring graphics of the characters from the series and the Camp Know Where Ringer T-shirt, as worn by Dustin in Season three. All of these items can be bought from the official Levi's online store.

Take a look at some pics of the clothing line below: 

The range was masterminded by the actual Strange Things costume designers, and they've included the Aztec Print Shirt and the El Pleated jeans, which are worn by Eleven in the latest trailer. Man, I can't wait to buy some of these 80s-inspired clothes in the near future. They're so nostalgic!