'Lord of the Rings' trilogy will be coming to Netflix this November

'Lord of the Rings' trilogy will be coming to Netflix this November

The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a monumental success - both with film critics, general audiences, and fans of the books. The three fantasy films made an astounding amount of money (a total of over $2.9 billion worldwide), and 17 Academy Awards too, so it's fair to say that they made a significant impact on the world.

Long before Game of Thrones became one of the most successful TV shows ever made, with huge budgets bringing dragons and battles to the small screen, these adaptation of J R R Tolkien's books were a major first step in getting money behind fantasy stories like this - with the money pumped into these movies definitely showing up on screen.

Saying that, it has been a little while since the final entry in the series, Return of the King, hit movie theatres. 15 years later, it's not too hard to find someone who has never seen any of the movies - and for anyone who has sat through and loved them, it can be a mind-blowing thing to hear.

However, it can be hard to convince someone to sit down and watch a trio of movies that average out at over three hours long each. Those aren't even the extended versions, which amount to a total of 11 hours and 24 minutes if you wanted to watch them back to back.

Thankfully, we have streaming platforms like Netflix - where you can easily convince someone to try out a movie that you just know they will end up loving. Next month, we'll be seeing the Lord of the Rings trilogy dropping on Netflix UK, which means you can get through them all without having to mess around with any physical copies.

In fact, you can have the pleasure of exploring Middle Earth once again on November 1 - which is less than a week away!

That's not the only Lord of the Rings news heading our way. After they turned The Hobbit into a trilogy of movies, you would think that there wouldn't be much left to do with this world - but it turns out that Amazon Studios are bringing the books back, this time as a TV show.

The reported $250 million deal they struck means they'll be beginning production on the show within the next two years - bringing the show to screens either in late 2020 or in 2021. In an update, Amazon exec Jennifer Salke said:

“All of us would love a big, addictive show that is executed at the top of its game. We’re really excited about Lord of the Rings. Despite all the chatter about it, the deal just closed a month ago. We’ve been talking to writers.

"We have an estate that’s very active. I’ve spent three hours with Simon Tolkien. There’s a lot of moving parts with it. We’ll have some game plan to move forward with very soon.”

It has been reported that this series will be a prequel, and some rumours suggest that it could be a young Aragorn - but it'll be some time before we know any details for definite.