Lyanna Mormont’s 'Game of Thrones' return had everyone saying the same thing

Lyanna Mormont’s 'Game of Thrones' return had everyone saying the same thing

Readers, if you hadn't noticed by now (which you almost certainly have), GAME OF THRONES IS BAACK!

We've spent almost two years waiting - 595 days, to be exact - during which time, we've been fretting over all the characters whose fates were left in limbo.

We've been agonising over all the not-quite-spoilers that actors were dropping in interviews, and basically considering trading one of our more expendable body parts in order to get a sneak peek at how it all ends.

But now the waiting is over, and our final watch has officially begun.

Here's the opening credits for the new season, just in case you weren't already super excited for season eight:

A lot happened in the first episode (including a very important update on Ed Sheeran's character), but - for a lot of viewers - there was only one character who mattered: Lyanna Mormont.

Yes, the child royal is back - and she's got a freaking horse. So, of course everyone was saying the same thing.

We live for her roasting skills

And her badass, no-nonsense attitude

Somehow she's doing better than literally *every* adult character in the show

For real though, someone get this girl on the throne

Like, seriously, let's make this happen

But if she dies, then DB Weiss and David Benioff are also dead (figuratively)

Or maybe literally, if you ask some people

Because - and I think we can all agree - she's a total BAMF

In conclusion: Lyanna for the Iron Throne. Everyone else can be fed to the dragons.