Mark Wahlberg describes how awkward the 'All The Money In The World' pay gap really was

Mark Wahlberg describes how awkward the 'All The Money In The World' pay gap really was

As the disparity between men and women in the world of Hollywood begins to become more and more clear, Mark Wahlberg has opened up about the difference in pay between him and his female co-stars.

It would be fair to say that the last few months haven't been good for the film industry. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, there have been several revelations about the Hollywood that has cast the industry in a very negative manner. Whether it's the allegations of sexual assault against stars such as Kevin Spacey and Ed Westwick, or the lack of protection for actresses such as Uma Thurman on the set of Kill Bill, Hollywood has been revealed to be more patriarchal and sexist than initially thought.

Now, however, Mark Wahlberg has described that pay gap between him and his All the Money in the World co-star Michelle Williams as "very awkward."

Last year, the actor filmed scenes alongside Williams and Kevin Spacey for the John Paul Getty biopic that was being directed by Ridley Scott. However, when a series of sexual harassment claims levied at Spacey came to light, he was quickly removed from the project and replaced by Christopher Plummer. This led to scenes from the film having to be reshot, with both Williams and Wahlberg agreeing to reshoot their scenes in November.

But, rather than pay the actors an equal amount for the reshooting, Wahlberg pocketed $1.5 million while Williams took home just 1% of her male counterparts earnings. Unsurprisingly, there was outrage at the disparity, with plenty of people calling on Wahlberg to donate his money to charity. The actor, 46, obliged, and gave his entire reshoot earnings to the Time's Up movement.

Reflecting on the events in a recent interview, Wahlberg claims that he was kept out of the loop in regards to the situation, saying that he only found out about the pay gap when the headlines broke.

"It didn't take much to make the decision [to donate the money]," Wahlberg told Entertainment Tonight. "It was just the right thing to do, you know? And Michelle is a fantastic actress."

He added: "It's not me who decides who gets paid what. Your value's based on what the marketplace dictates, and with that particular situation, it was very awkward."

"It was like, you know what, we'll donate that and they need the rest of the money that I got paid to do it too, because I – like everybody else – did the movie to make the movie with Ridley Scott.

"I took a substantial pay cut."

Fair play to Wahlberg for doing right and donating the cash to a movement which is trying to eradicate incidents such as this. Given that he's worth a reported $225 million, I'm sure he won't miss the money too much. All the Money in the World is out in cinemas now.