Massive 'Game of Thrones' fan theory suggests the Night King will not be in the next episode

Massive 'Game of Thrones' fan theory suggests the Night King will not be in the next episode

On last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, most of the characters we know and love gathered in Winterfell to prepare for battle against the army of the dead. With the White Walkers arriving at sunrise, it's possible that anyone might die. What do you on your last night on earth? Jaime knighted Brienne, Gendry 'knighted' Arya in a different way, and Tormund expressed his desire to 'knight' Brienne 'ten times over,' if given the opportunity. (Fingers crossed!)

However, raven-eyed fans noticed two characters conspicuously absent from the shot of White Walkers approaching the castle: The Night King and ice dragon Viserion. Maybe they're just holding back, or taking a sweet joyride over Westeros - it's so pretty in the winter! Or maybe, according to one fan theory, they're skipping the Battle of Winterfell, and heading down south to attack King's Landing.

Watch Bran's Vision from Game of Thrones s04e02

For you skeptics that think words are wind, fans point to two clues from past visions. Back in season four, episode two, Bran put his hand on the weirwood tree and started tripping balls, just like everyone at Coachella last weekend. Scenes from the past and the future rapidly flashed in his third eye, and one of those scenes featured the shadow of a dragon - one dragon - flying over King's Landing.

image of Dragon over King's Landing from Bran Stark's vision Credit: HBO

It's possible that shadow is the Night King and Viserion arriving into the city to steal the Iron Throne from the Queen Of Drinking While Pregnant, Cersei Lannister. After all, this scene repeated during Bran's visions in season six. (But on the other hand, isn't it snowing in King's Landing now? Doesn't look like winter in that photo.)

Watch Dany's vision from Game of Thrones s02e10

The second clue appeared in season two, episode ten, when Dany entered the House of Undying in Qarth. Remember Qarth? Xaro Xhoan Daxos? Pyat Pree? Quaithe? You know, the shadowbinder? Lady with the weird mask thing? Oh well. It doesn't matter! Anyway, in Dany's vision, she stepped into a deserted snow-covered Throne Room in the Red Keep. (And I did the same thing while taking ayahuasca!)

Dany's vision in snow-covered throne room Credit: HBO

Dany reached out to touch the snow-covered Iron Throne, but did not make contact. Some fans think this represents winter coming to King's Landing, with the Night King sitting on the Iron Throne. But on the other hand, maybe the snow represents 'Jon Snow,' whose claim to the throne trumps Dany's, and thus could prevent her from ruling. (Wooo! Smash the matriarchy!)

If the Night King and Viserion are leading an army of blue-eyed weirdos to attack King's Landing, that would parallel Rob Stark's tactics against Tywin Lannister during the War of North. Remember when the Young Wolf was winning all those battles, and outsmarted the cocky old man? Good times.

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Well, we'll see what happens on Sunday. If the Night King and Viserion are in King's Landing, the battle between the living and the dead will not end quickly, like Jon Snow hopes. He still knows nothing!