Meghan Markle's mom is filming revealing 'TV interview' with Oprah while they're in England

Meghan Markle's mom is filming revealing 'TV interview' with Oprah while they're in England

In the weeks building up to the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, it would be fair to say that her family dominated the headlines. What was meant to be a joyous and heartwarming affair was dogged with controversy from the Markles, who seemed hell-bent on embarrassing Meghan in the run-up to her big day.

However, while her father and half-sister may have been doing all they can to smear her name, one woman stayed particularly quiet: her mother.

Doria Ragland did not get involved in any of the controversies and remained dignified and supportive of her daughter. Even on the big day, Doria was a picture of maturity and class, with her calm and assured manner impressing plenty of people across the world of social media.

But, while she may have remained admirably calm in the face of all the attention her family has been receiving, it turns out that Doria is planning to make some waves herself by agreeing to be interviewed by none other than Oprah Winfrey.

According to reports, Doria and Oprah will sit down in London to talk about the Markles and the transformation that the family has gone under. The rumours regarding a tell-all interview have been circulating since Doria was pictured visiting Oprah's $88 million "Promised Land" mansion.

It's believed that Oprah was invited to the wedding in order to understand Meghan and her mother's relationship ahead of the interview.

A royal source revealed: “The plan is for Doria to film part of her interview while Oprah is in London. That’s why she was invited to the wedding. There’s huge secrecy about what the interview will involve and when it will air.

“But both Doria and Meghan felt it was critical for Oprah to be at the wedding to really understand."

"Oprah is an icon in the US media and a role model to African American women. She has an untouchable status and is becoming a key adviser to both Meghan and Doria."

Doria - a yoga instructor and social worker -  flew into London on Wednesday and her arrival was kept under wraps by security. The mother could be seen shedding a tear at the ceremony ahead of her daughter's arrival. According to those who know her well, the dignified and measured approach is typical of Doria. A close friend in LA said: “What you have seen from Doria speaks so much to her and Meghan’s character.

"She has been able to handle not only her daughter getting married to a prince but all the divisions in the family.

"She really wasn’t pleased to see all this public criticism and tried to stop it, but remained silent publicly out of respect for Meghan."

So it looks like Doria may be about to break her silence in what will no doubt be a revealing and interesting interview. However, given the appearance she has kept up so far, don't expect her to be causing rifts and starting dramas.