Michael from 'The Princess Diaries' is super hot now

Michael from 'The Princess Diaries' is super hot now

In between crimping tools, butterfly clips and all the sartorial mistakes, the 00's were certainly a special time for pop culture. There was Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - and all their European adventures that we vicariously lived through - and then the chick-flicks, which totally outdo the ones that we see today. I mean, who could forget Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story, or all the convoluted love triangles and squares that involved Marissa, Ryan, Seth, Summer and Co. in The OC?

Personally, though, I don't think anything beats the makeover scene in The Princess Diaries, or the film itself for that matter. It was Anne Hathaway's breakout role, and saw her star as frizzy-haired klutz, Mia Thermopolis, who has Julie Andrews inform her that she's heir to a small European country known as Genovia.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, not for Mia, who just wanted to get through high school unscathed, and perhaps with Josh Bryant as her boyfriend. The majority of us were always rooting for Michael Moscovitz, however. He was the smart, goofy older brother of Mia's best friend, Lily, and ticked all of the boxes: he played in a band, had a penchant for pizza with M&M's as a topping, and not to mention he saw Mia when she was "invisible".

Now, it's nearly two decades on, and he's hotter than ever.

Michael Moscovitz, portrayed by Robert Schwartzman, certainly blossomed after starring in The Princess Diaries. He's grown up to be a hip, bearded musician, and yeah, our ovaries aren't coping with it all.

Just take a look at exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

Turns out that he's into animals too. Did someone say full package?

Ok, one more...

After starring as Mia's love interest in The Princess Diaries, Robert swapped out acting for a career in the music industry, with his band Rooney. Certainly, any true 00's aficionado will remember that Rooney appeared on The OC, back when Seth, Summer and Anna were in that bizarre love triangle.

"Really, it was all about my band even before I got the part in [The Princess Diaries], Robert explained. "I've always been real close to film world. I love film, and I will do things in film, but music is more satisfying. It feels more like me."

The erstwhile actor decided to go solo back in 2011, and worked on some pretty cool projects, such as creating the score for Palo Alto, and an app called 22, which connects artists with their fans.

In any case, the name "Schwartzman" should be familiar to you, because Robert actually comes from a pretty famous family. His brother is actor Jason Schwartzman, who has starred in a slew of Wes Anderson films, and the two brothers are cousins to Nicolas Cage and Sophia Coppola, making their uncle the great Francis Ford Coppola.

Well, how's that for a throwback?