Mindy Kaling shares bikini photos with an important message

Mindy Kaling shares bikini photos with an important message

It's summer, which means that the temperatures are soaring and more and more people will be opting to show some skin in an effort to dodge the heat. The sad thing is, not everyone has the confidence in their own looks to rock a bikini, and for those people who are embarrassed about their weight or shape, the summer can be a mortifying time of year.

But one person who doesn't care about the idea of looking 'beach body ready' is the actress, comedian, writer, producer Mindy Kailing. This week, Mindy made an incredible pro-body-positivity gesture on Instagram, by uploading two pictures of herself in a bikini, and charged women everywhere not to feel self-conscious when they do so.

The actress captioned the picture: "IDK who needs to hear this but… 🗣 WEAR A BIKINI IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A BIKINI. You don’t have to be a size 0. Swipe for my storytime and have a great summer ❤️ (edited to say: this accidentally sounds like an ad but it’s not- but I mean, if you want to buy ANY high waisted bikini and wear it, tag a pic so I can comment)! [sic]"

Suffice to say, a number of her followers were enthralled by her posts and took to the comments to state their approval. For example, one Instagram-user wrote: "Aha, so true! These high waisted numbers are super cute Min. Another pro tip that HI girls know: more fabric makes you look bigger and less fabric makes you look smaller. So I always opted for bigger tops and smaller bottoms :-) [sic]"

Meanwhile, another social media user chimed in: "'I'm 52 and I just adore this woman! So happy she's sharing her brilliance, talent and confidence with all the fantastic young ladies in this world. A shining star. [sic]"

Mindy: here's to you. You really are an inspiration to us all!