Netflix announces who the new lead will be in the second season of 'You'

Netflix announces who the new lead will be in the second season of 'You'

If you haven't got round to watching Netflix's 'You' yet, I strongly recommend you jump on it straight away. It's got drama, it's got suspense, it's got the occasional cheesy moment, and - most importantly - it's got an insane stalker as its main character.

Not all of the show's coverage has been good, however, as many people seem to have fallen in love with Joe (the aforementioned insane stalker). So worrying were some viewers' responses, in fact, that Penn Badgley - the actor behind the role - felt the need to interact with fans on Twitter in order to deter them from falling in love with a character who would almost certainly kill them if he had the chance.

Still, Netflix saw enough success from the first season that they've already started work on another, and (spoiler alert!) there's going to be a new lead character.

you Credit: Netflix

Ok, so without giving too much away, Elizabeth Lail's character, Beck, is not going to be in the next series. Instead, there will be a new leading lady, and she'll be played by none other than Victoria Pedretti, who recently starred in The Haunting of Hill House as Nell.

According to See What's Next, Pedretti "plays Love Quinn, an aspiring chef who doesn't care about social media. She's also tending to a deep grief — so when she meets Joe she senses a shared knowledge of profound loss."

While many fans are disappointed to see Beck leave, they're also keen to see what the show - and, indeed, Joe - will make of Pedretti's character.

And Netflix had a little fun with an inside joke about Hill House:

According to Deadline, the show is also due to take place in a different location next time around. While season one is in New York City, season two will be shot and set in Los Angeles. And, if you know anything about the plot of You, this definitely makes sense. After all, a guy with a body count that high was going to have to relocate at some point - otherwise people might have started to get a little suspicious...