Netflix confirms 'You' season 2 will drop on December 26

Netflix confirms 'You' season 2 will drop on December 26

In the latter part of 2018, the entire world (well, those with Netflix accounts) were transfixed by the streaming service's new psychological thriller, You.

Based on the eponymous 2014 novel by Caroline Kepnes, the show's 10 episodes followed Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a seemingly nice bookstore manager who fell in love with aspiring writer and unbearable nerd Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail).

However, this show was far from a romantic comedy, as it soon becomes clear that Goldberg will do ANYTHING to get his new interest to fall in love with him, even if that means killing those closest to her (and eventually her.)

Check out the chilling trailer for the first season below:

The show left so many questions unanswered. Will Joe ever get caught for Beck's death? What will happen now Joe's ex Candace has turned up out of the blue? And why, oh why, did Beck go to pleasure town without pulling the curtains of her giant window.

Well, Netflix fans will soon get all the stalker fun they've been looking for, as Netflix has confirmed that the second series will drop on December 26, 2019 - retweeting a teaser for the show from star Penn Badgley:

The show's producer, Sera Gamble, has already confirmed that the second season will be loosely based on the novel's sequel, Hidden Bodies. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Gamble revealed Joe will be moving from New York City to LA - through no choice of his own:

"We'll be going into Joe's early life in season two, and naturally we want to know more and move around in his entire life.

"I will say that the whole time we're in the writers' room talking about what that story could be, or what flashbacks or glimpses into his life we might catch, this has been a guiding principle for us; he had a pretty terrible childhood and that does contribute to who he is as an adult.

"But we also wanted to make it clear that a lot of us had shitty childhoods and most of us don't do what Joe Goldberg does - we're trying to walk that line."

Gamble also confirmed my own theory; that Joe is not the bloodthirsty killer so many people mistake him for - he just really likes getting his own way and can't stand to have those close to him disobey him:

"He doesn't want to kill anyone ever again, but probably in season two he will end up killing someone.

"He's absolutely heartbroken after Beck and he and also we're keenly aware that people are coming to the show after binging season 1 and have all fallen in love with Elisabeth Lail [Beck].

"I think it would be stupid to just slot someone else in. Season one, we're constructing a story that really takes that into account, and no one is going to shove anything down the audience's throats. Joe is really contending with what happened in season one."

I don't know about you guys, but my Boxing Day round the in-laws just got a whole lot better!