Netflix gave away a huge twist in 'You' season two ages ago and everyone missed it

Netflix gave away a huge twist in 'You' season two ages ago and everyone missed it

This article contains spoilers of 'You' season two.

It's fair to say that the second season of You, a psychological thriller drama focusing on an obsessive stalker, was hotly anticipated by TV fans, and when it dropped on Netflix last week, it definitely didn't disappoint.

Season one of the show tells the story of Joe Goldberg a seemingly-normal bookstore manager who meets a graduate student and aspiring writer named Beck. Joe falls passionately in love with Beck and soon enters into a relationship with her. But as he becomes increasingly obsessed with her, the unhinged Joe goes to disturbing lengths to keep her.

However, now some viewers have discovered that Netflix might have actually let the cat out the bag when it comes to a major spoiler about season two's plot, which luckily managed to fly completely under the radar. Be warned though: there are some pretty big spoilers ahead.

On the run after murdering Beck and living under an alias, Joe meets a new victim named Love Quinn, who reignites his stalkerish tendencies. the show seems to be suggesting that Love will end up the same way as Joe's previous squeeze. But in a shocking twist, Love is also revealed to be a killer in episode nine: one every bit as dangerous as Joe is.

Take a look at the season two trailer below: 

But now a Twitter user with the handle @Ifindmyself has pointed out that a poster advertising season two actually spoiled the twist. It shows Candace watching Joe, with Love out of focus in the foreground, along with the tagline: "Meet your match."

It initially appears to be a reference to Joe 'matching' romantically with another woman - but it now seems clear that the tagline is referencing Joe meeting his match as a killer.

So there you have it: Netlfix was actually giving us a big clue to season two all along. I wonder what other stuff we might have missed the first time around?