Netflix starts work on 'You' season three

Netflix starts work on 'You' season three

Netflix's You has become a global entertainment phenomenon.

Centering around overbearing bookseller and part-time stalker Joe Goldberg, the series has shone a spotlight on the ease by which personal information can be accessed on social media.

Series one of the show saw Joe become fixated on the unsuspecting Beck - an aspiring writer - but, a trail of dead bodies and a series of gruesome events later, things ended very poorly for Beck.

Someone removed Joe's voiceovers from 'You' and the results are SO creepy:

That meant Joe needed a new identity - and a new city - to restart his life with.

So season 2 saw fans introduced to 'Will', who had moved to LA to escape his nefarious New York past and start again.

But Joe Goldberg seemingly cannot help but fall head-over-heels in love before you can say stalker.

This time, it's the appropriately named Love in his crosshairs. We won't be posting any spoilers for season 2 here, but if you have already watched the new season then we've got some good news for you, because co-creator and executive producer of the show Sera Gamble has just confirmed that work has begun on season three of the hit series.

Complete with a cheeky You-themed doormat, Gamble tweeted, "We've started work on season 3. Just thought you'd want to know."

Netflix had already confirmed that You would return for a third season - the monumentally successful show was reportedly renewed just a few weeks after season 2 dropped on Netflix - but the news that work is now under way will no doubt excite fans.

Last year, it was hoped that the show would be renewed, but Gamble told Cosmopolitan the decision would ultimately be informed by fan reaction to season two;

"Absolutely it could come back for season three.

"First of all, it's up to the powers that be. We hope that a lot of people will watch the show and that it gets to continue.

"I will say that we have an idea for season three that is SO exciting that people talk about it in the [writer's] room everydaySo my fingers are crossed... I'll just say, I hope we get the chance to keep making the show."

You season two is currently available to watch on Netflix. Some reports state that fans can expect the third season to drop some time in 2021.