Netflix users warned to skip certain scenes of 'Our Planet' after outcry over harrowing footage

Netflix users warned to skip certain scenes of 'Our Planet' after outcry over harrowing footage

If you're watching the Netflix series Our Planet, you're probably enjoying it quite a lot, but for those of you just starting out, there's a few scenes you should probably avoid.

It's been around a week, now, since Our Planet (in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund) started to stream, and the David Attenborough-narrated series takes a closer look at the effects of climate change on various habitats around the world.

As a result, there have been some scenes that have been pretty difficult to watch.

Such as this heartbreaking walrus scene:

That scene above was one that's been praised and lamented in equal measure, as the sheer emotional weight of climate change is shown so vividly in Our Planet.

Viewers have been waxing lyrical on social media, with Twitter user @ulmvivek saying: "Sir David Attenborough really brought the show to life, almost feeling like I was there in various environments around the planet. Everything appeared so natural and beautiful."

But in the same vein, a lot of it has been difficult to watch, and that walrus scene got a lot of traction on social media. "Episode 2 of #OurPlanet and the walrus part absolutely got me, horrendous what climate change is doing to animals on this planet, particularly those at the forefront," said @HollyAstle, and she's just one of many people to echo this sentiment.

This scene featuring a baby flamingo also brought up a similar reaction: 

Things have gotten so emotional, that Netflix have decided to help out late arrivals to the Our Planet party, warning viewers of the most harrowing scenes in the show ahead of time.

According to Netflix, the Frozen World episode in particular is one that you should be completely emotionally prepared for, but some are arguing that in the wake of new climate change reports and escalating fears that we may have irreversibly damaged our planet, this footage is highly necessary.

"If anything we should be forced to watch these scenes. It's only the consequences of our actions to our planet," argued @JakabokB, while another user in @HenkDor echoed this sentiment, saying that the fact that we're upset is definitely a good thing.

"I understand the humour of this tweet, but people should be encouraged to watch those scenes. There are moments that have a strong message that our species needs to change and be better for our planet. If you makes you upset then good, do something to be better for our planet."

That's an idea echoed by the WWF, who replied in their own tweet responding to the reaction to the walrus scene, urging viewers to learn all about the animals whose habitats are depicted in Our Planet.

"Here are 10 things you should know about these incredible creatures and why we need to protect them from climate change – the biggest threat they face," they tweeted.

Our Planet is now available to stream on Netflix.