New 'Game of Thrones' clip could reveal more than we first thought

New 'Game of Thrones' clip could reveal more than we first thought

Game of Thrones isn't far off a month away now, but that April release date can't come soon enough. However, it's a little easier dealing with the anticipation right now. For the past two years, fans have been left to their own devices, chasing every Reddit theory they can on what might go down in the eighth and final season. Now, at least, we have some teasers to go on.

First, back in November, we got the first official photo from the show, when Kit Harington's Jon Snow and Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen turned up on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Then, HBO welcomed in the new year with some more teasers in January, including our first trailer showing what's on its way.

However, as many soon discovered, this wasn't exactly a first look at the show. While some were looking into the symbolism of the scene, others hadn't realised this wasn't actually a scene from the upcoming season, but a promo filmed separately - as Sansa actress Sophie Turner later confirmed.

Later, HBO followed it up with 14 photos from the new season, but some footage is what we all want to see, isn't it? Well, they obliged - but rather than a full-on trailer, it was a quick clip from a HBO 'It All Starts Here' showreel for their 2019 lineup. Still, there were some big takeaways from the short clip we did get from Game of Thrones.

Alongside clips from new shows like Euphoria, Watchmen, Mrs. Fletcher, His Dark Materials, Catherine the Great, there are some follow ups to the likes of Deadwood, Big Little Lies, The Deuce, Veep, and Game of Thrones.

We did manage to see some new footage in there from season eight of the hit fantasy series, with some remarkable shots of what appears to be the Targaryen army rolling up to Winterfell. On top of that, you can see Drogon (aka the only dragon whose name you can remember) flying overhead - and Arya's reaction to it.

Given the fact that Jon Snow, the new King of the North, and Daenerys Targaryen (too many titles to list) have joined forces in more ways than one, it's no surprise to see the dragons turn up in Winterfell - but there are some things we can we gather from these few shots.

Remember how there was a schism forming between Sansa and her brother, over the idea of siding with Daenerys? It's likely that's all going to come to a head at some point next season, with Arya stuck in the middle. The two sisters just had a bonding exercise over their tag-team murder of Littlefinger at the end of season seven, but Arya and Jon have always been close - and she seems pretty happy about the new set up from what we can see here. Who will she end up siding with?

So - is there going to be division amongst the remaining Starks? Or are we all just looking into things a little too closely...