'One Day at a Time' has been saved from cancellation

'One Day at a Time' has been saved from cancellation

Beloved Netflix sitcom One Day At A Time has been saved from the chop, with the fourth season set to air on Pop.

Pop, the CBS-affiliated network best known for bringing the Canadian sitcom Schitt's Creek to the United States, has greenlit the fourth season on their channel, making it what seems to be the first streaming show to switch to cable. While the first three seasons will remain on Netflix, the fourth season will air on their channel, proceeding as a Pop original from this point on.

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Following on from the success they had bringing in Schitt's Creek, Pop president Brad Schwartz said that he was delighted to secure the show on the cable channel. Speaking to Vulture, he said: "As soon as we heard the show was canceled we all looked at each other said, 'Oh my God, this show has so much life left in it. Is this something we could go after?'"

"When we looked at the success we’ve had with Schitt’s Creek, we felt that was because of how it championed love and kindness, and how it has a lot of emotion mixed with a lot of heart and comedy. And when you look at One Day at a Time, you see it does the same [thing].

They deal with inclusion and love and acceptance and family. They pull on your emotions and they make you laugh. There are such parallels to what helped Schitt’s Creek break through on Pop."

Here's the trailer for the most recent season of One Day At A Time:

One Day At A Time's revival comes at the perfect time for Pop, since Schitt's Creek's next season (its sixth) is set to be its last. Gloria Calderón Kellett, and Mike Royce, executive producers for the show, say that they're delighted to be on Pop, revealing that it's a perfect fit for their series.

"We really seem to fit in with their brand, with their philosophy of the network," explained Royce, while Kellett said: "We’re both Schitt’s Creek fans, so when we heard Pop [was pursuing the show], we said, 'If that’s the type of content they’re doing — strong stories of love and acceptance — then yeah, great, we’re thrilled.'"