Parents are seriously considering calling their kids Arya after Sunday's episode of 'Game of Thrones'

Parents are seriously considering calling their kids Arya after Sunday's episode of 'Game of Thrones'

Heads up: This article will contain spoilers!

Have we all fully recovered from the incredible television spectacular that was the Battle of Winterfell?

Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones left fans reeling as we witnessed the adrenaline-fuelled battles between the living and the dead. Fans were left feeling all sorts of emotions following 80 minutes of chaotic drama! We were stunned to discover the Crypts of Winterfell were not as safe as once thought; heartbroken at the death of Lyanna Mormounts; and confused as we squinted at the television thinking, "WHY IS IT SO DARK!?"

However, the most emotional moment of Sunday's episode came at the hands of Arya Stark - a woman I would happily take a knee for and declare the one true queen.

In case you missed it, Arya played a pretty crucial part in the episode, as she was the one who slew the Night King, in a heroic effort to save her brother, Bran.

Check out the incredible moment below:

And it seems that Arya's valiant moment certainly hasn't gone unappreciated by the loyal Game of Thrones fanbase, as many people flooded to Twitter to announce that they will be naming their unborn children Arya, in a stunning act of appreciation.

Don't believe me? Well, just check out this HUGE list of people that have declared their next child will be called 'Arya':

Seriously, this list just keeps on going, so let's take a short break to watch the preview to next week's episode:

Without exagerating, I could keep going for a LONG time, but I think I've proven my point.

Sunday's Battle of Winterfell has introduced young girls and boys to a new role model, and her name is Arya Stark!

So, if you're currently pregnant or planning on having a baby in the next year or so, you can probably expect to have your child share their kindergarten class with about 14 Aryas.