'Peaky Blinders' fans think Alfie is alive and returning in Sunday's episode

'Peaky Blinders' fans think Alfie is alive and returning in Sunday's episode

Series five of Peaky Blinders has been as wild as fans expected, but now viewers are convinced we will be treated to a very welcome return of one character we all thought was bumped off by Tommy Shelby on a beach in front of his beloved dog Cyril.

That's right, with the final episode of series five airing on Sunday evening, fans now believe that Alfie Solomon - played by the incredible Tom Hardy - will make a return to the show after spotting a very promising clue.

Relive the moment a conflicted Tommy was forced to "deal" with Alfie:

If you recall, at the end of last week's episode, Tommy was shown talking to Billy Boy leader Jimmy McCavern. As the pair discuss which gangs can support fascist leader Oswald Mosley in London, Tommy says: "I would suggest the most competent organizer of men in the south is Alfie Solomons."

As you can see from the conversation, Tommy appears to drop a clue that Alfie is alive and kicking:

To which Jimmy replies: "He's dead and he's Jewish - and I'd say as far as our boss is concerned him being dead would be less of an obstacle than him being Jewish."

However, rather than confirming this point (and admitting that he was the one that shot him), Tommy remains tight-lipped and changes the subject of the conversation - something which has led viewers to believe that Alfie is still alive.

Fans also noticed that Tommy appeared to speak about Alfie in the present tense, as though he's still walking around with breath in his lungs. 

Now, many fans have flooded to Twitter to comment on how they believe Solomon is alive, and that he's "just gonna rock up all alive and shooting fascists":

So what do you think fellow Blinders? Are we reading far too much into the inconspicuous Tommy Shelby and Alfie is indeed brown bread? Or is his finally going to make his long-awaited return and start shooting fascists? I guess we'll find out Sunday night at 9:00pm on BBC1.