People are figuring out which 'Friends' characters voted for Trump and tempers are running high

People are figuring out which 'Friends' characters voted for Trump and tempers are running high

A surprising trend over the last few years, at the movies and on our television screens, is the sheer amount of reboots we are getting. Remaking popular movies has been done for years, and while there are a few good examples, most of them are pretty bad. But now the new trend is bringing back old favorites once we've had a few years to miss those old characters.

We've seen it with Full House, Twin Peaks, Will & Grace - and even current Netflix sensation Queer Eye is actually a reboot of a show from the early 2000s. And the latest series to get the reboot treatment is the sitcom Roseanne. After ten seasons and 224 episodes from 1988 to 1997, the sitcom was a huge success in its time, but eventually came to a close.

However, as of this week, Roseanne is back, and did pretty damn well with its season premiere too. It was a smash hit for ABC with more than 18 million viewers tuning in - that's almost two million more than the 1997 series finale. But there were plenty of surprises in store for those watching.

It turned out that the character Roseanne, like the actress who played her, voted for Trump in the 2016 election. In addition to this it was revealed that Jackie, played by Laurie Metcalf, voted for Jill Stein. Many were shocked to see that the show made the attempt to stay up-to-date, even broaching politics in a way that many sitcoms avoid as much as they can.

There have been a wide range of opinions on this opening episode and the political preferences of its characters, from those who don't want politics in their television (good luck with that) to those who don't think they handled it correctly.

All this talk about the political leanings of sitcom characters led Buzzfeed reporter David Mack to ask the inevitable question: "if they reboot Friends and try to make it topical which one of them voted for trump?"

The writer had his own opinions about where the Central Perk regulars would land on these issues, believing that Joey and Phoebe would probably have voted for Trump.

But once the tweet was out there, plenty of other Friends fans needed to have their say. The characters were never specific about who they voted for in the past, but many believed they could figure it out based on their personalities and beliefs.

There was a lot of debate over the issue, however.

It's a pretty hard call to be honest, as I can see these characters going either way for a variety of reasons. Now, imagine if that desperately-wanted Friends reunion actually came about, but ended up being all about Trump and Clinton?

It's not likely (and neither is the show's return, let's be honest) but it would be a hell of a way to hit our TV screens again, wouldn't it?