People rewatching 'Seinfeld' are complaining that it is 'super offensive'

People rewatching 'Seinfeld' are complaining that it is 'super offensive'

Seinfeld ended more than 20 years ago, but remains one of the best-loved shows of all time - but, beloved or not, is it "super-offensive"?

A select few people on the internet sure seem to think so. A controversy recently was sparked when a Bustle writer wrote an article slamming the show, claiming it "alienated marginalized groups in order to make people laugh".

But is it true? Take a look at seven of the jokes that the writer in question names as the show's "worst offences" and make up your own mind...

The 'Soup Nazi'

The writer names Seinfeld's most popular joke as "one of its most disappointing", claiming that people in 2018/9 shouldn't use the term "Nazi" to label anyone.

Seinfeld Credit: NBC/Seinfeld

The 'Indian Giver' joke

Bustle blasted the 'Indian Giver' joke, claiming it was using a "racial stereotype about an oppressed group".

Seinfeld Credit: NBC/Seinfeld

Kramer stomping on a burning Puerto Rican flag

Is the scene where Kramer jumps on a burning Puerto Rican flag too far? Many people seemed to think so when the episode was released and still believe it to be the case now.

Seinfeld Credit: NBC/Seinfeld

The Jerry and George relationship joke

Opponents of the show have pointed out that a season four episode bases all of its jokes around Jerry and George being in a same-sex relationship.

Seinfeld Credit: NBC/Seinfeld

When Jerry accidentally gets a man deported

Should the hit TV show joke about Babu Bhatt's deportation? Bustle says no.

Seinfeld Credit: NBC/Seinfeld

When George gets caught staring at a teenager's breasts

Bustle named this episode "awkward", questioning if it would make it to the final cut today.

Seinfeld Credit: NBC/Seinfeld

When Jerry "loves" Chinese women

"If I like their race, how can that be racist?" asks Jerry in one episode, after telling Elaine that he "loves Chinese women."

Seinfeld Credit: NBC/Seinfeld

So, is Seinfeld "super-offensive" or are the people online a little too PC for your liking? You decide.