Podrick from 'Game of Thrones' suddenly got hot and Twitter is on fire

Podrick from 'Game of Thrones' suddenly got hot and Twitter is on fire

It's a cold, harsh fact that needs to be said: Podrick Payne has never been the most fanciable character on Game of Thrones. Sure, he's apparently amazing in bed, but when you have smouldering young men like Khal Drogo and Jon Snow around, can you blame us for not keeping Brienne's little helper high on our list?

But hold your horses people, because this week's episode opened our eyes to something we'd never realised before: somewhere along the long and winding road to the Iron Throne, the bumbling squire became hot. Like, really hot. I know, we didn't see it coming either!

The epiphany blew viewers away somewhere in the middle of A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms; maybe it was when he was beautifully singing, perhaps it was his ongoing adorable love and support for mentor Brienne, but either way, it was official: like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, Podrick Payne got fine! Check out the thirstiest reactions to the news on Twitter.

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