Sacha Baron Cohen convinced a food critic to eat 'human flesh' in a hilarious prank

Sacha Baron Cohen convinced a food critic to eat 'human flesh' in a hilarious prank

Sacha Baron Cohen, the man behind Borat, and your annoying friend's impression of Borat - "My wife!" - has returned to TV with a new prank show. In Showtime's "Who Is America?" the provocative comic dresses up as six different characters to troll, mock and bewilder Americans. Most segments are political, and absolutely savage. So far, Baron Cohen has enraged an Arizona town with plans to build a mosque, tricked Republicans to film an advertisement calling for kids to have guns, and convinced a Georgia lawmaker to drop his trousers and scream the N-word. (No, not nincompoop.) The lawmaker resigned days after the episode aired.

However, the British comedian's latest viral prank targets a food critic: Bill Jilla, of (The website is currently down, as of this writing.) Baron Cohen masquerades as 'Rick Sherman,' a fictitious British ex-con who spent 21 years behind bars for an unspecified crime. 'Sherman' claims that he learned the culinary arts while in maximum security prison, and wants to put his extraordinary skills to the test.

So, 'Sherman' prepares a formal tasting for Jilla. Of course, since he learned how to cook in prison, the "dishes" are absolutely disgusting. For example, one course is "anally-aged veal in a strawberry prophylactic." Because prison, the only way to get veal was for a prisoner to smuggle it in get the idea. 'Sherman' tells Jilla that the meat was aged for eight days in a man's rectum. But the critic doesn't get squeamish. He slices through the condom, takes a bite of the tender meat and declares, "This is the best braised veal I've ever had in my lifetime."

However, for the pièce de résistance, 'Sherman' prepares something even more revolting. "A few years ago, the Chinese started a program where, you know how people donate their organs? Well, they can donate their flesh," 'Sherman' explains. "This is a fillet of vegetarian-fed Chinese dissident and a cauliflower puree."

Now, if an aspiring Michelin chef presented you with a dish of 'human flesh,' you might be skeptical, or find the situation absurd. But remember, many foodies don't flinch about eating supposedly "gross" cuisine, like couilles de mouton (sheep testicles), langue de boeuf (cow tongue) and tête de veau (cow brains). And recently, an Idaho man served his friends tacos made from his own amputated leg. (Seriously.) So, you can understand why 'Sherman' tasted the dish, right? Okay, maybe not. But that's what he did!

Presumably this meat wasn't really human flesh. But 'Sherman' claimed that and the critic appeared to believe him. In the segment, Jilla took a bite, and absolutely loved it. He effusively praised the dish, raving, "Butter. It’s, like, butter-soft. Who needs a knife? It’s melting on my palate. I do not even need to chew it." Then, after some prompting by 'Sherman,' he looks into the camera and thanks the dead man's family for providing him with a meal.

It's incredible how Sacha Baron Cohen can trick people, isn't it? The last episode of "Who Is America?" airs next Sunday. Hopefully you aren't on it!