'Scrubs' cast reunite for the first time since the show ended in 2010

'Scrubs' cast reunite for the first time since the show ended in 2010

It feels strange to say, but it has now been over eight years since the last episode of Scrubs aired - but even more bewildering is the fact that the first episode of the show aired back in October 2001, making it 17 years old by this point.

There was a time, though it's hard to imagine it now, in which they weren't sure the hospital sitcom was going to stay on television at all. In fact, the show's creator, Bill Lawrence, even had a plan in place in case the show got cancelled after the first season.

Notice how the Janitor, at that point a very minor character, only spoke to JD? Well, Lawrence said that if they got axed, he was going to reveal that the Janitor was a figment of the main character's imagination.

However, as they went from success to success, even characters like the Janitor were fleshed out and had their own storylines, right up until 2010 - when the ninth, and final, season aired. Now, seven years later, the cast reunited for the first time since they stepped off set.

Donald Faison (who played Turk) and Zach Braff (JD) have been known to be close friends to this day, but this is the first time the whole gang got back together.

Attending the Vulture festival last night, Braff and Faison were joined by castmembers Sarah Chalke (who played Eliot), Judy Reyes (Carla Espinosa), John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox), Christa Miller (Jordan), Ken Jenkins (Kelso), Neil Flynn (Janitor), alongside creator Bill Lawrence.

The day before, Braff posted about the reunion to his Twitter account, writing "Tomorrow we reunite for one night only."

Which obviously got the fans plenty excited:

Fortunately, it was live-streamed for fans, so even those who didn't attend could be a part of the event. At the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, the crew talked about their work together, posed for a few photos, and even talked about the possibility of another season.

The show’s creator seemed a little doubtful that they would get back together anytime soon:

"I would do anything to get to work with not only this group but the writers… and do it again. It was the best time in my life, so much so that I often find myself now trying to grab a gold ring, y’know that I’ve already been lucky enough to have grabbed before. You can never equal that experience.

"That said, sometimes reboots - not all the time - sometimes they feel like a money grab."

However, he did later add that if they ever did have a comeback, it would be to have fun with it and in dedication to the fans - but maybe not as a TV show.  "If we ever do it, we’ll do it as a short little movie or something else," he said.

Braff also shared several photos, both of the cast together, and of his only trip down memory lane:

Hopefully, giving it a few years, they'll find the right time to bring it back for another season or a TV movie.