Selma Hayek shares steamy throwback video commenting on her figure

Selma Hayek shares steamy throwback video commenting on her figure

There's no doubt that Selma Hayek is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace our screens, and at the age of 53, she still looks incredible. But even she can get nostalgic from time-to-time, and this week she proved it by sharing a risqué video of herself dancing in the 2004 movie After the Sunset.

The movie, which was directed by Brett Ratner, and stars Pierce Brosnan as a master thief being pursued by an FBI agent. Hayek plays his gorgeous accomplice Lola, who lives in hiding with him in the sunkissed Bahamas after they pull off a diamond heist together.

Check out Selma's awesome throwback in the video below:

The scene shows Selma dancing with people at a party, wearing a fetching black bikini and looking stunning. Selma captioned the steamy footage by writing: "Once upon a time... when I was skinny. [sic]"

Selma's followers appeared to appreciate the clip very much. For instance, one Instagram-user wrote: "You looked amazing then and now!!" Meanwhile, someone else added: "Even then you were gorgeous ow you’re a full woman who is voluptuous."

Even her former co-star Pierce Brosnan chimed in on the post with a comment of his own, writing: "Yer still a slip of lass☘️😎🤡"

An image of Pierce Brosnan's comment. Credit: Instagram/@piercebrosnanoffical

In a recent interview with Holmes Place, Selma opened up about her personal feelings on aging, stating: "I don’t dye [my hair] because I am curious to see how I am going to look with this. I am sure in the next movie they will say sorry you will have to dye it but I am enjoying watching them come in. I don’t have any Botox.

"Maybe later I will change my mind but, for now, I am comfortable being fifty. I am comfortable in my own skin."

Check out this classic (and raunchy) scene from From Dusk Till Dawn that helped shoot Selma Hayek to stardom:

Personally, I think Selma looked great in 2004 and she looks great now, and she deserves to feel proud of herself.