'Sesame Street' video goes viral after people think Grover drops the F-bomb

'Sesame Street' video goes viral after people think Grover drops the F-bomb

Sesame Street is normally a favourite with parents - but have the writers lost the plot?

Many people seemed to think so when they heard a recent clip of the educational children's television series.

Viewers were left scratching their heads and pressing the 'replay' button after the character of Grover seemingly used the 'f-word'.

Sesame Street clip Credit: Twitter/Evan Edinger

The clip was first brought to people's attention after a Reddit user uploaded the footage, writing: "Seriously did Grover just drop the Fbomb??"

The issue proved divisive, as many people agreed that the loveable blue monster said "Yes, yes, that's a f***ing excellent idea", but others insisted that he simply stated: "Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea."

So, which was it? Decide for yourself by listening to the clip:

After hearing the video, a Twitter user going by the name of @kOsH was adamant that the children's show was wrecked forever writing: "Y'all ruined Sesame Street..."

Another user named @ellee_ferr concurred, putting: "I heard it too naughty Grover, can someone wash his mouth out with soap".

Others insisted (let's be honest, probably correctly) that Sesame Street, being an educational show aimed at children, would have never put a curse word into the script.

"I just hear 'that sounds like an excellent idea' idk how I'm supposed to hear the 'fucking,' I can't even when I try lol," argued @cookiesnomnom.

@TantrumVero agreed, taking the issue incredibly seriously, writing: "I've tried, but I cannot even FORCE myself to hear 'f**king.' It is 'yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea.' It is pretty clear. Even if it weren't clear, how could anyone think otherwise when we take into account the character, the show, & the fact it was on the air?"

Other people online were on the fence, with many proclaiming that the clip was the new 'yanny or laurel', the controversial audio clip that completely divided the internet back in May 2018.

"I can hear both depending on which one I'm thinking in my head!" wrote Evan Edinger, who went viral when he posted the video on Twitter.

Another user going by the name of @AshleeSims16 agreed, commenting: "I can definitely hear both if I’m actively listening for either, but I definitely heard 'fucking excellent idea' the first time I listened."

In addition, @lilypxtter put her two cents in, writing: "for me it’s like the “green needle” thing, I can hear whichever one I’m thinking of".

Many more social media users compared the incident to the infamous blue/black/gold/white dress that broke up relationships and tore apart families back in February 2015.

So, is it "a f***ing excellent idea", or just "an excellent idea"?

Who knows, but one thing is for sure: if it's anything like the 'yanny or laurel' incident, we will all fight to the death about it.