Singer Boy George says that Sophie Turner would be perfect to play him in new biopic

Singer Boy George says that Sophie Turner would be perfect to play him in new biopic

Culture Club singer, Boy George, has revealed that Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner could play him in a new biopic documenting the musician's life.

Boy George, now 58 years old, confirmed that a film was in the works earlier this week, and in an interview with Nova's Fitzy and Wippa, he outlined his desire for the 23-year-old actress to play him, saying he would have loved to have been her at her age.

We'd watch Sophie Turner in anything: here's the actress reacting hilariously to a certain scene from Game of Thrones:

"Yeah, it's going ahead. It's MGM. It's being written and directed by Sacha Gervasi. Who did My Dinner with Hervé. Who is very cool," said Boy George on the show, before the question of who would play him came up.

He continued: "There's been some really interesting suggestions. One of the most interesting suggestions was Sophie Turner. It’s really strange but that’s been a suggestion. I think that would upset people, which I quite like. [People will say] she can't play you she's a woman, you know. But when I was 17, I would have loved to have been her. That was the ambition!"

Boy George Credit: Getty

The singer has conceded that casting is far from complete for the movie, however. When asked by the podcast hosts if the thought of a biopic made him nervous, he said: "In our game, there is always stuff that is written about you that is so ridiculous. That you say, 'I don't mind it though, it makes me sound more interesting.' He sleeps upside down on the roof. He only lives on lentils, that kind of stuff. I think it just makes a great picture."

While this potential casting revelation is fresh, there has already been some negative feedback from none other than Piers Morgan; the thinking man, paragon of all that is right and proper in the modern world.

Boy George captured the moment when Piers Morgan reacted to the potential casting:

"Boy George, in his biopic, presumably at some stage has sex with people. How is he going to do that if he doesn't have the equipment? There are reality checks to Sophie Turner playing Boy George," Morgan fumed.

He added: "She's a woman. How is she going to have sex? Does wonder woman get played by a man? No. When someone is a famous man like Boy George how can it be a women playing? Create your own damn character. Don't take our characters, don't take our pop stars, leave us alone."

Meanwhile, Sophie has said she would be delighted to play Boy George in a biopic. "I'm SO down," she said on Twitter, tagging Boy George in the post.