Sophie Turner had the best reaction to Arya's huge moment in the Battle of Winterfell

Sophie Turner had the best reaction to Arya's huge moment in the Battle of Winterfell

Warning: this article contains spoilers from episode three of the final season of Game of Thrones.

There's nothing like a good twist to keep audiences of a TV show on the edge of their seats.

This was certainly the case in last night's episode of Game of Thrones, which, though it featured some fairly predictable character deaths during the Battle of Winterfell, showed one that was such a shot in the dark that people have been freaking out over it ever since.

This, of course, was the death of the Night King, who, until last night, had been the show's primary antagonist. Now, it's Cersei - unless the army of the dead somehow manages to return, which, GOT being GOT, is a possibility, albeit a minor one.

Relive the moment Arya kills the Night King in all its glory: 

And responding to the shock Instagram stories, Sophie Turner had the most relatable reaction: 

"Arya really is that b*tch. Yes. You. Are. B*tch!" she cheered.

Arya's badass killing of the Night King marks the second episode in a row where her character, in particular, has had audiences' jaws on the floor - and Turner's, who also posted a hilarious reaction last week too.

This is what she had to say about Arya losing her virginity: 

"In honor of Easter, I guess Game of Thrones wanted the storyline to have a little Easter bunny hop, hop, hoppin' into that pussy... and that's the tea," Turner joked on Instagram stories before finishing a glass of wine.

Turner, however, was far from the only person to have a relatable reaction to last night's episode, The Long Night:

Needless to say, the Night King wasn't mourned by anyone:

Ultimately, fans were proud of how far Arya and Bran have come:

Whet your appetite for this week's episode by watching its preview below: