Steve from 'Stranger Things' has cut his hair and fans are appalled

Steve from 'Stranger Things' has cut his hair and fans are appalled

There's no doubt that, of all the cast members in Stranger Things, Steve Harrington is among the most popular, rivalled only perhaps by Eleven and Dustin. Steve initially appears to be a one-dimensional John Hughes high school archetype: a shallow and narcissistic jock who only serves to antagonise Jonathan Byers, and neglect his girlfriend Nancy Wheeler.

However, rather than remain a jerk and a bully throughout, Steve experiences some important character development after being chewed out for his rudeness and self-obsession, and actually takes steps to improve himself.

Check out the trailer for season three of Stranger Things:

By the time season three rolls around, he's actually a pretty nice, humble guy who looks out for the kids of Hawkins. A lot of this has to do with the actor who portrays him: Joe Keery. Steve was originally planned by the Duffer brothers to stay mean and become a slave to the Mind-Flayer. But Keery proved to be too charismatic and likeable to stick it as a bad guy, and so the showrunners changed him from a heel to a face instead.

One of the major defining attributes of Steve (and of Joe Keery himself) is his incredible 80s mullet hair. His luxurious locks have made him an object of admiration on and off-screen. So you can just imagine how shocked fans were when he showed up at a red carpet event recently, sporting a different haircut.

Actor Joe Keery. Credit: Getty

Dressed in a fetching three-piece suit (sans shirt) Keery was photographed alongside Maika Monroe while attending the Chanel Dinner in Los Angeles. He also had a much shorter hairstyle which fans did not take to.

Does this mean that Steve is going to lose his iconic look from the first three seasons of the show? Or did Joe just fancy a change? We'll have to wait till season three airs before we find out.

In a 2017 interview on Good Mythical Morning, Keery revealed that the secret to styling his voluminous pompadour was: "Just getting up in the morning, having the windows down if you drive, not washing your hair as much as you’d think."

Check out some of the fan reactions to Joe's new haircut below:

Joe will have to be careful when it comes to Steve's precious locks though, especially since we've heard on the grapevine that season four of Stranger Things is due to start filming in October.