Terry Crews and Dave Bautista want to make a Gears Of War movie

Terry Crews and Dave Bautista want to make a Gears Of War movie

A Gear of Wars movie has been rumoured for years and is yet to come to fruition. It turns out, however, that both Terry Crews and Dave Bautista are keen to get one off the ground.

Yep, apparently, Bautista hopes to star in the flick and has tried prompting Hollywood execs to get the project up and running, to no avail. Recently, in fact, the 50-year-old former wrestler responded to a fan pleading on Twitter for a Gears of War movie with Bautista.

"Can we get the green light for @GearsofWar movie with @DaveBautista? Please! Hollywood you listening? Movie/Gears fans need this!!!" a fan with the handle @RetroRhinoGames wrote.

To which Bautista himself responded:

"They’re listening. And they could give AF! 🙄.. but thank you for the support. Believe me when I say I’ve tried everything to make this happen."

And for those excited for a potential film version of Gears of War, it gets even better - because another Hollywood great, Terry Crews, has revealed that he is totally down for a role alongside Bautista.

This welcome revelation came about when actor Stephen Ford tweeted: "Hear me out. Dave Bautista and Terry Crews - Gears of War movie."

To which Crews responded: "Damn. I like this. I like this very much."

Just minutes later, Crews then posted a photo of himself and Bautista, adding "I like it a lot" in the caption.

When Bautista saw the tweets, he announced that he would be more than willing to portray Marcus alongside Crews in a film adaption of Gears of War - or indeed, appear alongside Crews in any other movie.

If it finally does materialise, it will follow a years-long Hollywood tradition of transforming popular video games into movies.

Who knows if it will ever happen - but now that it has the backing of two Hollywood legends, why the hell not?