The cast of 'The Walking Dead' reveal what they like to eat when they're not fighting zombies

The cast of 'The Walking Dead' reveal what they like to eat when they're not fighting zombies

For many years, The Walking Dead has been one of the shows (alongside Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones) that you pretty much have to know to have a conversation with someone you don't know very. If the answer to "did you see the Walking Dead last night?" is "no" at the water cooler on Monday, you can consider yourself one of the 'uncool' people in your social circle.

Safe to say, I am one of those uncool people.

Rather than being a personal preference of mine, this is more because I am awful with keeping up with television, and there's plenty of shows over the years that I've missed over the years because of this. But having heard about what kind of culinary shenanigans the cast of the Walking Dead get up to once the cameras stop rolling, I might be tempted to belatedly start watching this AMC classic.

Well, no. Not really. That would be totally ridiculous. But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in finding out how the cast of one of the most popular TV shows around today gets its hunger fix, especially after a long day of filming. Let's find out, shall we?

Unlike working on a show like Diners Drive-ins and Dives, you wouldn't think that working on this particular show would do too much for your hunger. You're looking at zombies, half-eaten flesh, murder and gore: apparently, that works up an appetite. Though I'm not seeing it.

Luckily, Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer and Director for the Walking Dead, clued us in on what the clue like to eat at a recent ComicCon appearance. Addressing the curious masses, Nicotero revealed that "Andy [Andrew Lincoln], Norman [Norman Reedus], and I go out for Indian food a lot".

Now there's nothing better than going out for a nice Indian after a hard day of work, and for Norman Reedus, who's one of the most popular characters on the show in Daryl Dixon, that day is harder than usual. “I’m so tired, I have to go right to bed,” says Reedus. "Then I wake up, and the sheets are covered with dirt and blood!"

Nothing like a generous helping of rice and some bread to get your energy levels up after a long day of filming! Norman Reedus also said that his recovery has also been dashed by a very persistent crow, which is "attacking" his house. “Every day since May you can hear him. I even bought these ceramic owls to scare him away, but they haven’t worked—now they are just covered in crow poo.”

That's... neat. According to my friends who are fans of the Walking Dead, I can't talk about the show without talking about Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character, called Negan. Apparently, the guy is pretty crazy on the show, and he suggeste that Reedus should eat the crow, allegedly yelling: “He’s gonna cook it!”

Not necessary, Jeffrey: the Walking Dead is filmed in Georgia, which is home to a lot of Indian restaurants, not to mention tons of other restaurants. Eating crow shouldn't be necessary... unless it's a plot point in the Walking Dead.