'The Conjuring' director reveals horrifying case files behind third film

'The Conjuring' director reveals horrifying case files behind third film

Can The Conjuring series get any scarier?

Absolutely, if director James Wan has anything to do with it.

The 41-year-old – who will produce the third movie – recently gave us all a spine-chilling glimpse into the next instalment of the hit franchise, confirming it will be based on a real-life story of a "guy who was on trial for committing a murder".

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Speaking with Bloody Disgusting, the director of the first two films claimed it was crucial that the movies "stay true to the inspiration of the real people".

"All The Conjuring films are based on the case files, so they're more based on the true story aspect of the real life Warrens," he said. "I think that's important. It's important that the mothership stays true to the inspiration of the real people. The spinoffs are where we get to have more fun and do weird and wonderful crazy things. The mothership of it being The Conjuring films, we want it to come back to the real stuff."

Wan continued to open up about the details of the new offering, claiming: "It's not necessarily based on an artefact but it's based on one of the Warrens' case files... It's this guy who was on trial for committing a murder, I think it's the first time in America's history where the defendant used possessions as a reason, as an excuse."

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Although it's not confirmed, from his words, it can be safely assumed that the new film will be based on the sinister case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a tree surgeon from Connecticut who attempted a murder trial defence of ‘guilty by reason of demonic possession’.

On November 24, 1981, in Brookfield, Connecticut, Johnson was convicted of first-degree manslaughter for the killing of his landlord, Alan Bono.

According to testimony by the Glatzel family, 11-year-old David Glatzel had played host to the demon that "forced" Johnson to kill Bono.

After witnessing a number of worrying occurrences involving David, his family decided to enlist the aid of Ed and Lorraine Warren in a last-ditch effort to "cure" their son.

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David was exorcised by a number of Catholic priests over a period of several days. According to those present, a demon eventually fled the child's body and took up residence within Johnson, who killed his landlord during a heated conversation several months later.

In the real-life case, the judge ruled that claims of a demon could not be proven, and were therefore infeasible in a court of law. Johnson was handed a 10 to 20-year sentence, but only served five years.

Production for Conjuring 3 is slated to begin sometime during 2019, while the film is scheduled for a September 11, 2020 release.