'The Dark Knight' is officially the best superhero movie ever

'The Dark Knight' is officially the best superhero movie ever

Every year since 2008 - aka the year The Dark Knight captivated cinema audiences around the world - Christopher Nolan's masterpiece has remained the highest-rated superhero movie on IMDb. And 2019 is no different.

Of course, there have been plenty of critically acclaimed superhero movies (including The Avengers and Logan) but none of them - in many people's opinion - have come close to the electrifying cinematic experience that was The Dark Knight.

the joker Credit: Warner Bros

The second installment in The Dark Knight trilogy, and a follow-up to 2005's Batman Begins, the 2008 blockbuster saw Christian Bale reprise his starring role as Batman.

But it was Heath Ledger's unforgettable portrayal as The Joker that was primarily responsible for ensuring the film became not only one of the most beloved movies of its genre, but also of the best-loved movies of any genre.

Take a look at Heath Ledger's final interview:

Much was made of the 28-year-old's tragic death - caused by accidental intoxication from prescription drugs - just months before the release of the film.

Critics lauded the late actor's performance and, as a result, Ledger was posthumously awarded the Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Needless to say, plenty of fans have been taking to Twitter to mark the 11th anniversary of the film's release.

"Eleven years ago today, we were blessed with not just the best superhero movie - but one of the greatest films of all time," tweeted one fan. "There has never been a better Joker, Batman, Two-Face, & even Lt. Gordon in DC's cinematic history. Happy birthday to the best sequel ever, THE DARK KNIGHT!!"

While another added: "11 years later and THE DARK KNIGHT is still one of my favorite movie-going experiences."

Considering the success of all the recent Marvel movies, it really does speak volumes that The Dark Night remains the highest-rated superhero movie of all time - over 10 years after its initial release.