The first trailer for 'Roseanne' spinoff 'The Conners' is finally here

The first trailer for 'Roseanne' spinoff 'The Conners' is finally here

When ABC announced that a Roseanne spinoff was being commissioned in the wake of Roseanne Barr's 'racist' tweets, there was one question on everyone's minds: what would the show look like without its main star?

To many viewers out there, the eponymous character was the show's beating heart, and they weren't quite sure how the new series was going to go.

This week though, we were finally given a glimpse into what life is like for the Conner family without their matriarch when ABC dropped a trailer for the new show.

While the footage makes no direct reference to Roseanne Conner, it allows fans a sneak peek of what the family dynamic is like without her. Showing them all preparing for the holiday season, it's one laugh after another as Jackie and Darlene try to plan how the family can move on and enjoy Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The one thing that every fan still wants to know though? How will Roseanne's absence be explained?

In an interview with The Sunday Times, John Goodman. appeared to reveal that the new TV show would explain his onscreen wife's absence simply by killing her off.

When questioned on whether he expected the new series to be recommissioned, Goodman let out the secret that every fan wanted to know when he said: "It’s an unknown. I guess he’ll be mopey and sad because his wife’s dead."

ABC has not yet confirmed that this is Roseanne's fate on the show. However, Barr confirmed this rumour when she claimed in a recent interview she thinks her character will die of an "opioid overdose".

Roseanne Barr Credit: Getty

"Oh ya, they killed her," Barr said on Brandon Straka's YouTube show "Walk Away" over the weekend. "They have her die of an opioid overdose."

The actress, who was fired from her sitcom for posting a racist tweet about former Obama White House senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, continued to confess that she was not happy with the death.

Claiming that her character should have "died as a hero or not as all", the 65-year-old said: "I wanted to show [opioid struggle] in the show, but I was never going to have Roseanne die of an opioid overdose. It's so cynical and horrible. She should have died as a hero or not at all... It wasn't enough to [fire me], they had to so cruelly insult the people who loved that family and that show."

In addition, she admitted that she would not be watching the reboot because it would be too hard for her.

"I don't want to be around," Barr - who plans to be in Israel at the time it airs - said. "Because I'll get drawn into a negative thing of defending myself or being angry for being mischaracterized and, you know, I don't...I want to stay away from it. I want to stay in a joyous, positive, happy place that I've worked my way to again in my life."

The Conners premieres Tuesday, October 16 at 8/7c on ABC.