'The Last Kingdom' is the series 'Game of Thrones' fans are bingeing now

'The Last Kingdom' is the series 'Game of Thrones' fans are bingeing now

There are definitely some Game of Thrones fans who managed to find something to like in how season eight wrapped up, but it seems like there were also a lot of fans who weren't happy with how it all went down. In fact, some people are so mad they have started petitioning to get the entire season remade by different writers.

The debates over what went wrong - or if anything went wrong at all - have been raging online for what feels like years now. It's actually been just over a week, but that doesn't mean we're not all a little exhausted with it all and looking forward to moving on to a new chapter in our lives.

First though, let's watch Aaron Rodgers slam the controversial ending:

But before we all turn our TVs off, rub our eyes and venture out into the outside world, there are a few other shows we can have a little look at - and one that may scratch the same itch that Game of Thrones has been scratching the last few years: The Last Kingdom.

Even back in 2017, people were suggesting that Thrones fans turn to The Last Kingdom during the show's absence, such as a GQ article which claims the Middle Ages BBC drama offers up plenty of the violence and political intrigue that GoT did in its best moments. And if it's enough to sway you, the show has an average of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, whereas the eighth season of GoT (52%) brought it down to 89%

Watch the trailer for The Last Kingdom here:

"If you're looking for a show to watch now that Game of Thrones is over, I highly recommend The Last Kingdom on Netflix," twitter user @yobekun wrote. "It has such great characters and dialogue. It will give you all types of feels. The actors are phenomenal."

The British historical fiction series is based on Bernard Cornwell's series of novels The Saxon Stories, and is now available on Netflix. The story is set in the late 9th century, the series sees a boy called Uhtred raised by Vikings, searching for revenge for his father's death from Norse invaders and claiming his ancestral birthright.

There are currently three seasons available (with a total of 26 episodes), but there are more on the way - with Netflix greenlighting a fourth season late last year.

There isn't a confirmed date for the fourth season of the show, but back in April Netflix confirmed that filming had begun on ten new episodes.

Those first three seasons are ready and waiting for you to catch up if you haven't already, and they'll probably keep you occupied until it's time for the fourth season to drop.

Personally, I might see how they wrap up this one before I jump on in - after all, it would be pretty disappointing to watch eight seasons' worth if it goes off the rails during its final season, wouldn't it?