The new 'American Horror Story' theme has just been revealed and it's every horror fan's dream

The new 'American Horror Story' theme has just been revealed and it's every horror fan's dream

Since its inception in 2011, American Horror Story has gone through a lot of changes. Rather than following their first season with a direct sequel starring the same characters, they kept the same cast playing entirely new characters, telling a new story.

In 2012 we got Asylum as a theme for season two, followed by Coven for season three. Season four, five, six, and seven gave us Freak Show, Hotel, Ranoke and Cult respectively - and it was unclear where co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck would go from there.

Then, in January 2017, the hit FX series was renewed for an eighth and ninth season - with American Horror Story: Apocalypse being released in 2018.

That season saw the Antichrist being reborn, bringing about nuclear annihilation in the process. The main characters then took refuge in a fallout shelter named Outpost 3, where the story takes place.

While this story was set in the near future, 2019's incarnation of the series will be heading... back in time.

Nope, this isn't a cross over with Doc and Marty; we are, however, going back to a year close to Back to the Future's 1985. Ryan Murphy just revealed the title of the ninth season, giving us the new theme in the process. This time it'll be called American Horror Story: 1984, and we've got a little teaser trailer to go with it.

So why 1984? Does this have something to do with the terrifying authoritarian regime of George Orwell's classic book? Turns out, no! Instead, we're looking back to something familiar to horror movie fans: the slasher flick.

Along with the announcement, Murphy posted a video to his Instagram that offered a few clues as to what the new season will offer us later this year. Set to 'Six Feet Under' by Billie Eilish, the teaser shows a woman running through the woods, taking refuge from a creepy killer in a mask in what appears to be a summer camp.

You Can watch the trailer for season nine below:

Look familiar? Yep, we're getting serious Friday the 13th vibes from this one, with the classic horror franchise featuring a masked killer on the loose, butchering innocent teens.

The first film in this series came out in 1980, but 1984 was a big year for the franchise, with fan-favourite Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter hitting theatres around that time.

Despite its title, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter was not the final chapter to that series - in fact, there were six sequels, a cross-over and a remake made after that film. But 1984 did see some other big releases to the horror genre, including Children of the Corn and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

For this season, it has previously been announced that Emma Roberts will return, and will be joined by Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy, who will play her boyfriend.

No other casting has been made official yet, but at WonderCon 2019 earlier this month, Evan Peters revealed that he won't be returning for Season 9.

"No, I'm gonna sit a season out," Peters said when asked about the season. Hopefully, he's just being playful - and fingers crossed that Sarah Paulson is back on board too.

American Horror Story returns this fall.