The new 'Game of Thrones' opening credits drop a big clue about the Night King's exact location

The new 'Game of Thrones' opening credits drop a big clue about the Night King's exact location

Game of Thrones is back, and the first episode of the eighth (and final) season isn't necessarily the most eventful hour of the hit fantasy series - but there were some clues as to what's to come.

At the end of the last season, we saw Daenerys' fallen dragon Viserion brought back from the dead, now under the control of the Night King. He destroyed The Wall with relative ease after it stood to protect the realm for thousands of years. The new opening credits to the show now feature the gigantic hole in the Wall, along with several other updates to the map of Westeros.

Here's that dreaded first encounter with the White Walkers:

By this point we're used to the map displaying key locations in the show springing up as 3-D clockwork models, with small updates being made season-by-season. This time however, there are far fewer locations, and we're heading into the interiors of the likes of King's Landing and Winterfell's crypt too.

Elastic, the production studio behind the opening credits, recently spoke to BuzzFeed News about the new opening titles. “Our initial pitch [for the credits] had all these little bells and whistles that were just too ambitious for the first pass,” creative director Angus Wall said. “We wanted a second bite at the apple, as it were, to really do all the stuff that we had initially talked about.”

You can watch the all-new opening credits below:

But there were a few new additions to be found too. For instance, there was some foreshadowing of the horrific end to the episode during this opening sequence, as we discovered earlier this week. We see a rush of ice heading south from The Wall, where it reaches the Last Hearth - home to House Umber.

Last season, the 10-year-old Ned Umber became Lord of the house after much of his family died fighting during the Battle of the Bastards. He pledged fealty to Jon Snow as the new King of the North, and at the beginning of this episode heads back home to get supplies for the upcoming battle.

This is the same child who is later found by Beric and Tormund, impaled to a wall as part of a horrific message from the Night King - one that may even reveal something about him.

You can re-watch the blood-curling scene below:

In addition to Umber's fate, the opening credits may gives us more details of what's ahead. Many believe this rush of ice may show us the exact location of the Night King and his army - something that will change over time.

"We see the breach in the Wall and blue ‘ice’ flowing south," one fan noted on Reddit. "It stops at Last Hearth, which is where we saw the boy (forget his name) on the wall in the arm spiral. I’m betting the ice is going to change every week to show the Night King’s advance."

This also fits with what art director Kirk Shintani said about what we can see from the opening credits in the future. "I’ll say that there are differences in every single episode," Shintani added. "From episode to episode, pay attention, because there’s lots of hints scattered around."

Sounds like we'll have to keep our eyes peeled!