The Office stars recreated a Dunder Mifflin Christmas photo during a brunch reunion

The Office stars recreated a Dunder Mifflin Christmas photo during a brunch reunion

The U.S. Office aired for nine seasons, but fans think it just wasn't long enough. (That's what she said.) At first, critics didn't think the American version could live up to the British original, and speculated that after one season, it would DECLARE BANKRUPTCY! However, the series quickly became a classic, as essential to our lives as bears, beets and Battle Galactica.

After Will & Grace, Roseanne and Murphy Brown got 'revivals', fans have been hoping that The Office will get one too. Steve Carrell addressed the rumors recently when he hosted Saturday Night Live. During the monologue, Ed Helms (Andy), Jenna Fischer (Pam), and Ellie Kemper (Erin) implored him to sign on for a reboot. "People would really love to see an Office reboot," said Kemper. "Especially me. Because I need that money. Let’s get that money, Steve.”

Carrell replied, "I don't think so. It was a great experience. I love all those people, but I just don’t think it’s the best idea. I think maybe we should just leave it alone... Why don’t we just have a party instead? We could all catch up, get together, no cameras, just friends." We already do that," said Helms. "We just don’t invite you."

That hilarious mini-reunion thrilled Office fans, who've been waiting five years to see the Dunder Mifflin gang back together again. Well, turn on your WUPHF notifications and stick your foot in a George Foreman grill, because an even bigger Office reunion took place. Rainn Wilson, Creed Bratton, Angela Kinsey, Paul Liebertsein, Jenna Fischer, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez and Ed Helms gathered together for brunch at showrunner Greg Daniels' house.

Tinder clickbait Angela Kinsey shared a photo of the group, writing, “Some of the old gang got together today… it was so great to see everyone! I turned to Ed and said, ‘I feel like we are at a family reunion.’ He smiled and said, ‘We are.’" (And the Dundee Award for most heartwarming Instagram caption goes to Angela! What a surprise.)

On Twitter, Jenna Fischer revealed they were attempting to recreate the classic Dunder Mifflin Christmas photo. Also, she shouted out some of the other main cast members who couldn't make it: Ellie Kemper, John Krasinski, BJ Novak, Mindy Kaling, Craig Robinson, Kate Flannery and of course, Steve Carrell. One fan replied, "This proves the SNL opening a few weeks back - you do meet but don’t invite Steve!" To which Fischer responded, "HAHA! He was invited but he's in London!"

Steve Carrell retweeted the reunion photo, writing "Miss you guys." To which Fischer replied, "We miss you too Steve! Sorry you had to miss this one. More to come!"

The photo has fueled speculation about a reboot, or a one-off reunion special, so viewers can see what all their favorite characters are up to now. I mean, they must have discussed it at some point during the brunch, right? Right? Right?! "OH MY GOD, IT'S HAPPENING!"