'The Simpsons' somehow incredibly predicted Canada's legalisation of marijuana 13 years ago

'The Simpsons' somehow incredibly predicted Canada's legalisation of marijuana 13 years ago

By this point, the writers of The Simpsons are just oracles, right?

The cartoon comedy has accurately predicted so many major things, that gone are the days where we could put it down to lucky guesses. It's official: Matt Groening and his co-workers are prophets, we are all their loyal puppets, and that is that.

The latest big, real-life twist that the show predicted years ago? Canada's legalisation of recreational marijuana use.

On Wednesday, the Great White North became the second country after Uruguay to legalise possession and use of recreational cannabis, sending citizens into celebration.

The new law allows Canadians aged 18 and older to carry and share up to 30g of marijuana in public. They will have access to pre-rolled joints, cannabis oil, and dried flowers, both in shops and online.

It was a surprise to some, but for others, they had pretty much expected this all along, given the fact The Simpson had told them it would happen all the way back in 2005.

In an episode titled Midnight Rx, the sixth episode of the sixteenth season, the price of prescription drugs goes up and eventually all plans are cancelled. This means all elderly people at the retirement home are left to go cold turkey - but things quickly change when Grampa Simpson comes up with a plan.

To get more drugs for Springfield, he and Homer go to Winnipeg, Manitoba and, with help from one of Grampa's Canadian friends, they are able to get unlimited access to the drugs they need. Afterwards, they take them back into the United States and are heralded in Springfield as heroes.

Keen to make more smuggling trips, they return to Canada with Apu and Ned. This is where Ned meets his Canadian doppelgänger, who offers him a 'jazz cigarette'.

"Would you like to puff on a reefer-ino? It’s legal here," he says.

Ned replies: "They warned me Satan would be attractive. Let’s go."

Of course, it's far from the first time that the cartoon has predicted the future.

The popular show foresaw that Disney would take over 21st Century Fox in 1998; in an episode called When You Dish Upon A Star, a sign outside of a building is shown that reads "20th Century Fox, a Division of Walt Disney Co." This came true in 2017 when Disney announced a $71 billion deal to buy most of 21st Century Fox’s assets, including X-Men and the Home Alone series.

In addition, 17 years ago, the show foresaw the Donald Trump presidency. In an episode titled Bart to the Future, Lisa becomes the first female President of the United States after Donald Trump ruins the economy.

Furthermore, they've also predicted the 2016 joint Nobel Prize winners, the Siegfried and Roy tiger attack, the fact that a faulty voting machine would affect the 2012 Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney election, the 2013 horse meat scandal and the invention of the tomacco plant, among other things.

How do they do it?!