The trailer for Jim Carrey's comeback film is here, and you've never seen him like this before

The trailer for Jim Carrey's comeback film is here, and you've never seen him like this before

Jim Carrey first made his fame and fortune from stand-up and talent for impressions, but he saw true success when he entered the world of movies. Zany comedies like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask made sure the world knew his name, making him the go-to actor for absurd comedic performances. But along the way, he did have a few ventures into other avenues.

As his career progressed he did try his turn at a few more serious roles, from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to The Truman Show, before his appearances in films slowed down somewhat. But now he'll be on the big screen once more, in his first leading role in four years, the last being the sequel Dumb and Dumber Too.

In fact, it seems like most of his time at the moment is in a different medium entirely. Taking to painting, he released a mini-documentary about his work last year, but lately, it's all over Twitter. In an unexpected turn, he started using his art to express his anger at the political system - with particular anger for the Trump administration.

Carrey will next be appearing in the detective thriller Dark Crimes, playing tormented police officer Tadek, who is hunting down a murderer. Based on an article published in The New Yorker in 2008 called 'True Crimes: A Postmodern Murder Mystery', it follows his character as he investigates the death of a businessman, only to find that a popular novel includes an eerily similar crime. From this point, he becomes dangerously obsessed with both the author and his girlfriend.

By this point, we're far more used to seeing Carrey in movies with at least some comedy to them, but this looks to be a grim and dark movie with no room for the actor's usual shenanigans. And when I say dark, I mean dark:

While the movie didn't exactly receive great reviews when it premiered at the Warsaw Film Festival last year, critics remarked that his performance was bold and worth seeing.

"Carrey has taken a risk here," Fionnuala Halligan from Screen Daily wrote, adding, "this could be a solid bridge for the 54-year-old former comic actor - almost unrecognisable here - to move into more serious roles".

Kirsty Strouse, from Film Inquiry, said of his performance:

"On paper, the retiring, grumpy cop isn’t exactly innovative. Luckily, he shakes free of the shortcomings of his character, and as things unravel his frustration bubbles to the surface, giving him more room to stretch out.

"Despite any limitations, it’s good to see Carrey being adventurous, and hopefully this sets the pace for some future castings."

The filming for Dark Crimes took place in 2015, but it has taken its time to make it to theaters. In the US, it will be released in May 18, and we'll see exactly how Carrey's risky performance paid off.