'The Walking Dead' cast share heartfelt farewell to Andrew Lincoln after he leaves show

'The Walking Dead' cast share heartfelt farewell to Andrew Lincoln after he leaves show

The Walking Dead has been going strong for years now, with many different castmembers joining and leaving the show. It's part of the premise really - no one is safe in this post-apocalyptic world, so there's no certainty that you're favourite character will make it out alive by the end of the season, or even the episode.

One constant that we could all depend on was Andrew Lincoln, who has played lead character Rick Grimes since the very first episode. However, back in May this year, we found out that Lincoln is on his way out. After the current season, the ninth, he's going to leave the show for good.

The Collider report that initially broke this story also suggested that in order to make up for this absence, AMC will be offering "substantial compensation" to Norman Reedus to stay on the show - with his fan-favourite character Daryl taking centre stage.

Lincoln is said to be exiting the show on Sunday, but before he goes, the cast has issued a sweet farewell to the actor who has defined the series.

Both current and past members of the show opened up about what it was like to work with him on set, and the impact he's had on the show and their personal lives.

"Andy is one of the most kind and generous people that you could ever work with," co-star Lauren Cohan said in the farewell video.

It seems that there are plenty of heartwarming stories to go around, such as the time he drove for hours to get to set when he wasn't even working, just to meet and have lunch with new additions Michael Cudlitz, Christian Serratos and Josh McDermitt.

"He's very, very dear to me," Reedus said. "And he's taught me to be a better father, a better friend, a better actor."

"I keep racking my brain to figure out something to say and every single thing kind of fails that, so all I really wanted to say is Andy, I love you," Steven Yeun said. "To see someone who has that level of excellence and maintains that level of excellence, brings it out in you," former cast member Sonequa Martin-Green said.

"I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Lincoln once more, so that was really a great day for me," Scott Wilson, who passed away in October, says in the video. The video also features several former cast members, including IronE Singleton and Lennie James. You can watch it below:

As you would expect, fans of the show who are already upset about the actor's departure from the show are pretty torn up having seen this latest video.

After eight years of The Walking Dead, the departure of Lincoln from the show is definitely the end of an era. Who knows where it could go next?