This couple pulled off the ultimate 'Harry Potter' proposal on Halloween and J.K. Rowling responded

This couple pulled off the ultimate 'Harry Potter' proposal on Halloween and J.K. Rowling responded

Every wedding proposal is spellbinding in its own way, but you can't deny that a Harry Potter one carries a unique kind of magic.

This was most certainly in the air when Harry Potter fanatic Heather Pearson, decided to pop the question to her girlfriend of three years, Kelsey Stacey, in the most spectacular way possible on Halloween.

The story of their engagement is so incredible that even J.K. Rowling herself took to Twitter to send her congratulations.

Harry Potter proposal Credit: Heather Pearson

It all started in February, when 26-year-old Heather, a personal trainer from Portland, Oregon, stumbled across a Welsh artist who specialises in folding the pages of books to create beautiful messages.

After ordering a 'Marry Me?' message in hers and Kelsey's favourite of the Harry Potter saga, The Goblet of Fire, Heather just had to choose the right moment to use it.

The perfect time came on October 31, 2018. In the months beforehand, Heather convinced her Potterhead girlfriend to throw a Harry Potter-themed Halloween party, with Kelsey, 28, having no idea that she had just accepted an invitation to her own engagement party.

Harry Potter proposal Credit: Heather Pearson

Having meticulously planned the whole day, Heather got an initially clueless Kelsey to dress as Draco Malfoy’s wife Astoria and sent her on a Potter-themed scavenger hunt across the city.

Along the way, first-grade teacher and book lover Kelsey traveled around Little Free Libraries collecting the first three Potter novels, with each book containing Harry Potter themed love letters. She also found herself running into several of her closest friends and family, many of whom had flown in especially to witness her engagement.

Finally, the personalised fourth book was located back at the couple's apartment, where Heather was waiting, dressed as Draco Malfoy, with the rest of her girlfriend's friends and family to propose in the pouring rain.

Harry Potter proposal Credit: Heather Pearson

Of course, Kelsey said yes, and the newly engaged couple went on to celebrate until 4am.

After they posted footage of their engagement on social media, the video quickly went viral, with nearly 16,000 likes and 2,300 retweets on Twitter alone.

But there was one tweet in particular that caught their attention: the day after their engagement, J.K. Rowling herself retweeted their video and sent her congratulations.

Speaking to VT about the famed writer's message, Heather claimed "not in our wildest dreams" did the loved-up pair ever think they'd receive a message from her.

She said: "Not in our wildest dreams, but we surely hoped she would somehow see it! We are beyond thrilled that she took the time to congratulate us. As an author, she has been a huge inspiration to us for so many years.

"I remember going to every midnight book release, including the release of the very first Harry Potter book, The Sorcerer's Stone, at the Barnes & Noble bookstore near our house. My mom and I would both read every book as they came out, and I've read them countless times since!"

Harry Potter proposal Credit: Heather Pearson

In addition, Kelsey spoke to VT describing the proposal as "the most magical moment of my life".

"I immediately realized what was happening when I saw my best friend from college at the first Little Free Library," she said. "I then was surprised by my best friend from high school at the second Little Free Library, and my best friend since first grade at the third Little Free Library. I could not believe that Heather not only thought of such a creative way to propose, but that she'd flown them to Portland and involved them."

Stating that they would marry in a 2019 London wedding where they will be surrounded by the locations where the Potter movies took place, she added: "Heather and I are the worst at keeping secrets or surprises from each other, so the fact that she had pulled this off completely blew my mind. I have never felt so loved! I was extremely excited and couldn't wait to get back to her. I just couldn't stop crying or smiling! I get to marry my best friend!"