This fan theory about Jon Snow's death in the 'Game of Thrones' finale has people shook

This fan theory about Jon Snow's death in the 'Game of Thrones' finale has people shook

Game of Thrones is coming to its end. Well, it will be soon - and by soon I mean in around eight or nine months. That's when we'll be seeing the final six episodes of the show, which are set to be extra-long and sure to be jam-packed with the action the series has been building to.

When you turn up to watch your favourite TV show or a blockbuster at the movie theatre, you might assume that the main character will make it out alive and that evil will be defeated, more or less. Yet with Game of Thrones, things don't always turn out this way - so when Ramsay Bolton once told Theon, "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention," it practically became the show's mantra.

That said, fans have had months to think about exactly what could happen to our favourite episodes next Spring, and one user has an idea of what Jon Snow will face. The bastard king of the north has already died and been brought back to life once, but Redditor Sc0ttford thinks it will happen again.

In season seven, it was revealed that Jon Snow is actually 'Aegon Targaryen', something he probably would have wanted to know before he shacked up with his aunt Daenerys. Apparently, in episode five of the same season, Samwell Tarly overheard the maesters discuss a prophecy from Lordos that the Drowned God will return to "destroy Aegon the Conqueror".

Euron Greyjoy referred to himself as the Drowned God in season 6, as it is part of the Iron Islands' religion (and that man has a hell of a god complex). So some people have concluded that he will be the one to kill Jon in the end, as explained below:

"In season 7 episode 5 at around the 20 minute mark the maesters talk about the prophecy of Lordos or Lurdos. He prophesized the drowned god would rise up and destroy Aegon the conqueror, the prophecy wasn’t wrong but was misinterpreted about the wrong Aegon.

"With Jon Snow’s name being confirmed to be Aegon, after the white walkers are defeated, he’ll be killed by the “drowned god”.

"This might mean Yara or Theon but I think Euron is the most likely contender."

So what would that mean for the other heroes we've rallied behind, like Jon's ally (and recent lover) Daenerys Targaryen? "I could see Jon dying, and him getting Dany pregnant with a Targaryen child," Another user added. "Jon's whole "who told you, you couldn't get pregnant?" line was some pretty direct foreshadowing I think."

Other users did point out that Euron is too minor a character to take down Jon, but it's worth pointing out that the show often pulls this move. Eddard Stark was beheaded as a traitor by a boy king, and Jon's love, Ygritte, was killed by a young child with a bow and arrow - as this user explained:

"Once his purpose is complete I think anything can kill him. If there is no more story to tell, catching particularly bad cold could do him in. Robert got killed by a boar, Barristan Selmy got killed by a faceless mob GRRM is a cruel bastard and I think Euron will do it as one last act of revenge for taking his chance at the throne."

So - could this be the end for Jon Snow? Or is he going to live a long life with that slightly miserable look on his face?