This is the one 'Friends' plot line that was never meant to be included in the show

This is the one 'Friends' plot line that was never meant to be included in the show

"I cannot keep having this same fight with you Ross! Look, urrgh, maybe we should take a break!"

"Fine, you're right. Let's take a break, let's cool off, okay, let's get some frozen yogurt, or something.

"No. A break from us."

You know this scene. I know this scene. Every Friends fan out there knows this scene back to front, and front to back again. But the question is: what if it didn't exist?

That's right, 'The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break' could have been 'The One That Never Happened', given the fact that Ross and Rachel were never meant to go on a break.

Friends executive producer and director Kevin S. Bright recently revealed to the Metro that the writers added in the storyline at the last minute for one important reason.

Bright admitted that after the on-again, off-again couple got together in the second season, the big bosses realised that something was missing from their relationship. Confessing that the sexual tension had vanished, the producer said they soon came to the realisation that giving the audience exactly what they wanted wasn't always a positive thing.

"I would say initially when [Ross and Rachel] was planned it wasn’t planned that way, that came a little bit later,", the producer said. "It allowed us to have fun with the show and give people something to root for."

He continued: "We were well aware the audience wanted to keep them together but everything that was keeping them apart – we realised when we got them together when the first kiss happened we go, 'Wow, the air has kind of gone out of the balloon.' There wasn’t that sexual tension anymore."

It was at this point that writers Marta Kauffman and David Crane decided to write in the break-up storyline for Ross and Rachel, something that Bright describes as "brave".

"I thought what Marta and David did, which was such a brilliant and brave move with their relationship, as soon as everyone got their wish the wish was taken away", he stated. "It made it so much better when they did get together."

This certainly isn't the first Friends bombshell to hit fans recently. Just last week, Bright also revealed how agonizingly close an official reunion was after talks were held last month. 

"Oh yes," he told the Metro. "I tell you we had a meeting month ago where I had hopes it would come back."

"I love David Crane’s [one of the show's creators] quote that '50-year-olds hanging out in a coffee shop would be pathetic'. If we did come back it would be the same characters but wouldn’t be the same show.

"They’re at different places in their lives, potentially divorces and so we feel just like letting them go off into the sunset is one of the things which keeps them going in people’s minds; wondering what they do and did the marriage last and what did the kids grow up to be like. I think that’s best left to the audience."

Sigh. We'll all just have to continue to dream. At least we can comfort ourselves with the knowledge that Ross and Rachel got their happily ever after in the end.