This Lizzie McGuire cast reunion will give you serious nostalgia for the 00's

This Lizzie McGuire cast reunion will give you serious nostalgia for the 00's

It's been well over 17 years since the first Lizzie McGuire episode aired. And if you, like me, looked forward to watching new episodes after school and seeing what embarrassing thing Lizzie would do in front of Ethan or what mischief her little brother Matt was plotting against Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo, you'll know that the show will always have a fond place in your heart.

But alas, the show came to an end, and while we were treated to the cinematic masterpiece that was the Lizzie McGuire Movie (like seriously, I couldn't get it out of my head when I visited Rome), we've never heard from Lizzie or her pals again.

So it is with much excitement that I inform you that a sweet reunion pic has recently been taken of some of Lizzie's family members. While Lizzie - err, I mean Hilary Duff - is absent from the pic as she's currently lying low on account of her second pregnancy, the pic is taken of her fictional mother and brother.

Matt McGuire was Lizzie's cheeky little brother, played by Jake Thomas, and he was recently snapped standing with Hallie Todd, who played Lizzie's mother, Jo. He was helping promote his "TV mom"s latest film venture The Last Champion, in which she stars, and also helps produce and write.

While Jake in particular looks far more grown up, it still feels like they could be their old characters in this pic:

A few years ago, another Lizzie McGuire reunion pic emerged, this time with Lizzie herself. Jake posted another pic to his Instagram in April 2015, where he is standing with Hilary Duff and Lalaine Vergara-Paras, who played Lizzie's bestie Miranda in the show. Jake, his onscreen sister and her BFFL, are captured in a bowling alley.

While you might think that they regularly catch up and do fun stuff like bowling together, it turns out it was a random coincidence that they were all there.

"I like to bowl," Lalaine told HuffPost Entertainment at the time. "I have my own ball that my dude got me during Christmas, so we’re pretty into it. We started bowling and I swore I thought I heard [Hilary Duff]. Like her voice will never not be recognizable for me. I mean, c'mon, we were like family for how long? And then I looked, and it totally was her."

"We finally happened to be in the same place after 14 years. It was random and a little bit of fate maybe, so I forced fate's hand a little bit and I immediately hit up Jake [Thomas] because he's like less than a mile away from the bowling alley."

Lalaine described how she called Jake and told him to come over so they could say hi to Hilary together. First, they made the most out of the situation and anonymously sent her a drink from the bar. However, she didn't immediately recognise them, seeing as they were standing four lanes down.

"She waved to us, and she had no idea who we were because we were pretty far from her and it was dark," Lalaine said. "But then she walked over and immediately saw me. As she was walking up, I’m just like, 'Really, girl? Really?'... It hit her that it’s me."

"She turned around and was cracking up, and it didn't even faze her that Jake was standing right next to me. I was like, 'Are you kidding me? Did you not see this thing right by me?' She was like double stumped... It was just fate."

It sure sounds like it!