Time travel will play a major part in the 'Game of Thrones' finale, new theory claims

Time travel will play a major part in the 'Game of Thrones' finale, new theory claims

Time travel is always a concept that can make or break a TV show or movie. In Back To The Future, the basic rules of time travel are laid out and the story is built around the fact a DeLorean can move through time - and it works out pretty well!

But in, let's say, Avengers: Endgame, time travel became convoluted and confuses, and fans are still arguing to this day about what should and should not have been possible for the superheroes.

Now, according to a new theory, fans believe the final ever episode of Game of Thrones - which will be airing TOMORROW in case it had somehow slipped your mind - will be incorporating time travel.

Check out the trailer for Sunday's episode, do you think time travel is on the cards?

Maybe they could go back in time and stop season eight from happening, am I right?

Now, this is only a fan theory, posted by one Reddit user - but it is not only very intriguing, but highly convincing as well.

In the lead-up to the finale of the fantasy epic, perhaps the most shocking twist was as Daenerys' murderous turn on the unsuspecting King's Landing. Finally becoming the Mad Queen, the Queen of Dragons burned every one to the ground, despite the bells ringing out for surrender. 

Remind yourself of the moment Daenerys well and truly became the Mad Queen:

But Slusho64 believes that Bran will not only right this wrong, but prevent the Mad Queen from going... well, mad. In their post they write:

"My theory is that Bran somehow alters the past so that Daenerys never goes crazy, perhaps by making himself not tell anyone of Jon Snow's true parentage

"This will cause the events we just witnessed to not happen in the new timeline, and thus Daenerys won't go crazy."

Well, if THAT sounds crazy, then maybe you see some more of Slusho64's workings, as there are a few details that back up this theory.

First, the creators have already established Bran's time travel powers in the "Hodor/Hold the Door nonsense".

If you need a reminder of that heartbreaking moment, relive it in the video below:

"The only reason to do that is if they're going to use it for something that actually matters, so it's safe to say that he'll affect the past again next episode."

Slusho64 believes it "wouldn't make narrative sense' to establish such a huge power, only to never use it again.

"They haven't brought it up for a while because maybe they're hoping we forgot about it before the big twist, similarly to how they'll show a character going to do something and then not return to them until they show up right in the nick of time (e.g. Loras Tyrell showing up at the last second of the Battle of the Blackwater, completely changing the outcome)."

In addition, in the 'Inside the Episode' featurette for everybody's favourite episode, episode five, it is stated that that "we might never have seen this side of Daenerys had this set of specific events not played out".

This being said,  Slusho64 does admit there is one small hiccup in their theory, adding:

"The way his time travel power was established was such that it worked in a single consistent timeline. He didn't actually change anything, he just turned out to be the cause of something we already had seen (Hodor saying nothing but Hodor).

"For this theory to be correct, the writers/GRRM [creator George R.R. Martin] would have had to have established time travel as working one way and then ultimately use it in a completely different way. But it's really anyone's guess if the writing turns out to be bad in this way or bad in the way we've already seen (namely, characters completely changing personality in the last few episodes and their actions making no sense).

"He could always attempt to fix things but fail and perhaps cause the Mad King to see visions of Daenerys' carnage, causing his madness, although she clearly didn't need visions to go mad."

And if you think season eight is awful (like so many of us do), maybe we should have realised Peter Dinklage had been trying to warn us about it the entire time:

So, what do you think? Are we going back in time when we return to Westeros for the final time? It's not the worst thing I've heard this season...