Top agent reveals how stars of 'The Bachelor' make money from Instagram

Top agent reveals how stars of 'The Bachelor' make money from Instagram

With just four episodes of season 23 of The Bachelor left, America couldn't be more excited to find out who Colton Underwood proposes to. But the question is: what next? Contestants on the show are handed 15 minutes of fame - but what if they want to extend it? Easy - they utilise their fame to become an Instagram star!

However, it's not as simple as it sounds to become an influencer who makes thousands of dollars, and being on reality TV is certainly no guarantee that someone can manage a thriving social media business. This is where agent Paul Desisto steps in. Desisto, who represents a number of reality stars, recently spoke to Page Six about how Bachelor stars can successfully make money off Instagram - and let me tell you, it sounds like a lot of work...

They put "creativity, time and energy" in

Desisto, who works for the agency Central Entertainment Group, has warned reality TV stars that it ain't easy, saying "If you go on television or are in a movie, you’re not guaranteed to make money after this happens" and telling them to remember to put "creativity, time and energy" in.

They share major life events with their fans

"It’s very important that other things are going on in their lives outside of just being on a TV show in order to maintain this business," the clued-up agent advised, adding that Jade and Tanner Tolbert have become even more popular since leaving the show due to their birth of their first child and their second pregnancy announcement.

They branch out to "keep their presence going"

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are one example of a couple that knows how to keep their brand going by branching out into other fields, with Desisto telling Page Six that he just helped them to release a children's book.

They love temporary videos

Social media is best when fans realise they have to view it now and not later. That's why influencers adore temporary videos like on Instagram Stories. "Celebrities and influencers love it because it disappears after 24 hours," Desisto said. "Brands love it also because the exposure is very strong for a short amount of time. With the swipe-up feature, you can get people directly to your website."

They're picky about their audience so they can work with brands

You may think that reality TV stars aren't picky at all about who follows them on social media - but the companies guiding them are very aware of which stars have paid for their followers - because they won't make as much money with these people. In addition, Desisto says that stars with all-male fan bases don't always make cash because men "tend to not buy things from those promotions."

They try to be "authentic"

We all believe that reality TV-stars-turned-influencers are the fakest people out there - but the celeb agent says stars normally have so much opportunity, they like to pick the ones they actually enjoy. "Our clients only really get behind products that they actually like and use because they have so much opportunity thrown at them that they only want to be authentic," he said.

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