'Toy Story' has just fallen victim to sexy Halloween costume epidemic

'Toy Story' has just fallen victim to sexy Halloween costume epidemic

You can turn pretty much anything into a Halloween costume these days - that's the beauty of the once-spooky, now-any-theme-you-like holiday. Generally speaking, if you're not going down the spooky route, you'll probably end up being a sexy-something. A sexy cat, a sexy cop, a sexy maid...  but a sexy Toy Story character? Yep, that's now a thing.

But if you actually want a scary Halloween, you may want to consider this incredible giant animatronic Pennywise:

Well, courtesy of Fashion Nova you totally can be a Toy Story character... of the more risqué variety.

Fashion Nova Credit: Fashion Nova

The e-tailer has released a line of incredibly revealing women's costumes for Halloween. There are three costumes currently available in the range: the New Sheriff in Town costume which is modelled off Woody's look, the Infinite and Beyond, which is based on Buzz Lightyear's appearance, and last but certainly not least, the Ooooh the Claw, a scantily clad take on the aliens from the vending machine in Pizza Planet.

Fashion Nova Credit: Fashion Nova

If you're dressing as the New Sheriff in Town, expect to find a garter belt, denim-colored, high-waisted underwear, and a zip-up shirt. The Infinite and Beyond costume will show off a lot of skin, with not much more than a matching bra and underwear modeled on Buzz Lightyear's futuristic look. Finally, the Ooooh the Claw costume contains a metallic leotard and green fishnet tights.

Fashion Nova Credit: Fashion Nova

And finally, the innocent nature of nursery rhyme favorite Bo Peep has even destroyed with Fashion Nova's

Credit: Fashion Nova

The outfits range between $59.99 and $69.99 When the looks were posted to Instagram, fans of the iconic franchise had plenty to say.

"I wonder if people really buy these and go trick or treating," one commenter wrote.

"Childhood ruined," another wrote.

"Can you guys make costumes that aren’t so revealing?" wrote a third. "It’s cold on Halloween!"

But not everyone was quite so hard on the daring outfits.

"Me and my friends are doing Toy Story," one person said. "It fit just perfect... can’t wait [till] Halloween."

This year especially, there have been plenty of provocative Halloween costumes that serve to capitalize on pop culture. For instance, Yandy is selling a sexy White Claw Halloween costume for $54.95, a costume that went on to sell out in just one week, according to Business Insider.