Victoria's Secret model breaks her silence over Netflix's controversial Fyre Festival documentary

Victoria's Secret model breaks her silence over Netflix's controversial Fyre Festival documentary

Almost two years on from The Fyre Festival, the repercussions keep on coming. As it stands, investors are still swindled out of millions, many workers still left unpaid and hundreds of people are still bearing scars from the event.

Perhaps it could be said that the few people who came out of the festival winning were the models who were paid phenomenal amounts of money to post orange squares on their Instagram pages.

However, one of these influencers recently insisted that it wasn't all fun and games for her, confessing that she was brought to tears by Netflix documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

Breaking her silence by speaking to Australia's The Telegraph, Australian social media star Shanina Shaik named the consequences of Billy McFarland's destructive decisions "horrific".

"I cried when I watched it," she said. "It is really horrific what happened. The girls and I were just kind of dragged into it. "We would never want to promote something like that or take someone's money."

In addition, the 27-year-old model claimed that her agency had the best intentions by putting her forward for the role, saying: "When a client comes to my agent and has a vision or a project they want to work with us on, my agency always makes sure we are protected and looked after."

Shaik isn't the only model to speak out this week about involvement in the disastrous event. On Thursday's episode of The Late Late Show, Hailey Baldwin was asked about her role in the ill-fated 2017 festival and admitted that she didn't keep her paycheck.

Playing a game named 'Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts', the 22-year-old model was asked by host James Corden how much she was paid to take part in promoting the 'luxury' music festival - if she did not confess, she would have to drink bird saliva.

Seemingly not afraid of the forfeit, Hailey refused to share how much she was given, saying: "I'm not gonna share but it made for a very generous donation to charity." She was let off by Corden who named her "noble" for giving away the fee.

However, the star, along with many other models, may be forced to own up soon. In late January, a New York bankruptcy judge signed off on subpoenas submitted by the trustee overseeing the bankruptcy of the Bahamas music festival, requesting "information regarding the [Fyre Media’s] financial affairs from third parties".

This means celebrities including Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Elsa Hosk and Emily Ratajkowski could soon face demands to share how much money they were given. This follows claims that Kendall was paid $250,000 for a single Instagram post to promote the festival.

Organiser McFarland is currently serving a six-year sentence in federal prison after pleading guilty to multiple counts of fraud. He reportedly kept no accounting records during the months he spent dropping millions of investor's money on the doomed festival.