'Vikings' star Alicia Agneson brutally trolls the controversial ending to 'Game of Thrones'

'Vikings' star Alicia Agneson brutally trolls the controversial ending to 'Game of Thrones'

The last ever episode of Game of Thrones has now been and gone, and suffice to say, the ending has proven to be divisive. After Daenerys Targaryen went mad with power and torched King's Landing in an orgy of fire and blood, Jon Snow made the decision to murder her in cold blood, leaving the crown to Bran Stark and letting Sansa rule the north, before leaving to live in exile among the Night's Watch.

Check out the adorable scene where Jon was reunited with his direwolf Ghost below: 

Many were left dismayed by Daenerys' character arc over season eight, and a number of fans have formed a petition for HBO to refilm the series. Indeed, a lot of rival TV shows seem to have enjoyed a bit of schadenfreude over Game of Thrones' lacklustre critical reception this summer, none more so than the cast of the historical drama Vikings.

Actress Alicia Agneson. Credit: Instagram/Alicia Agneson

If you want proof of this then just take a gander at the Instagram page of Vikings actress Alicia Agneson, who posted a mocking picture on her Instagram stories over the weekend. Agneson took a selfie, in which she can be seen sipping coffee with her headphones in, watching the season finale. She captioned the pics: "Watching the end like wow guys ... What a brilliant show and cast," before joking: "Obvs not anything like @historyvikings but okay. [sic]"

Agneson isn't the only Vikings cast member to mock Game of Thrones this year. Earlier, after an infamous production gaffe ended up going viral on social media when a Starbucks cup clearly appeared in one shot in episode four, Vikings castmember Clive Standen posted a picture of the accidental prop, writing: "Just going to leave this here…"

Watch Tyrion's actor Peter Dinklage discuss the plot of season eight below:

Indeed, it seems as though some of the actual cast members of Game of Thrones were slightly reticent about the ending of the show, and Emilia Clarke has even revealed some of the things she was disappointed we didn't get to see in the finale.