Watch Kit Harington gag kissing Emilia Clarke behind-the-scenes on Game of Thrones

Watch Kit Harington gag kissing Emilia Clarke behind-the-scenes on Game of Thrones

Now that Game of Thrones is back on the air, we can all relax a little bit. We still have the anticipation (or is it dread?) of the upcoming episodes, but after a two-year wait, it was good enough just to see Tyrion's face again, to be honest.

Even though the episode itself perhaps wasn't quite as uneventful as many believed it would be, it did give us plenty to work with. For one, there was an all-new opening credits sequence that came with its own clues about what's to come, while on the other side of things there were dozens of hilarious memes bestowed upon us by the internet's funniest.

On top of that, HBO also released a lengthy behind-the-scenes video detailing the process of bringing the first episode of the final season to the screen. Sometimes, that meant discussing in depth what they wanted to achieve and the incredible production techniques that allowed them to make such incredible visuals for television. Other times, that meant seeing the goofing off in between takes.

In the most recent episode, Samwell told Jon the uncomfortable truth, and while he was far more focused on the fact this means Ned Stark lied to him and that he is technically ahead of her in line to the throne, there's a certain icky factor too. Knowing all this, we get to see the actor's own reaction to their kiss in one particular behind-the-scenes moment...

Watch Kit gag after their big kiss:

As many know, the partnership between Jon Snow and Daenerys isn't that simple. On the one hand, they're two attractive fan-favourite characters who have had their own personal Rocky montages from the lowest of the low to genuine contenders for the Iron Throne. Not only that, but they're given the opportunity to have a romantic kiss in a beautiful snowy landscape, all alone.

On the other hand, she's his aunt. Yeah... awkward is putting it lightly.

Another reveal from this behind-the-scenes video is that, despite how magical the dragon ride sequence looked on screen, Kit Harington had a very uncomfortable time riding the green screen rig.

In fact, he almost lost a testicle during the filming.

He explains the unfortunate incident here:

There were at least some good moments from filming this episode for Harington, as he explained in the video. Having spent so much time in Iceland filming his scenes in the North, he was happy to share it with with co-star.

"I just loved that I could go there with Emilia," he said. "I got to show this thing that’s been such a large part of the Thrones for me. I got to show her Iceland."

It looks like Daenerys is going to be staying in the north for a little longer, so I'm sure Clarke had to get used to the cold eventually. As for the kissing - well, I don't imagine that gets any less weird.